Energy in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Energy is responsible for Oregon's long-term energy planning and system resiliency.
State & Regional Energy Planning
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ODOE actively partners with other agencies and stakeholders in a wide variety of state and regional energy planning activities. Regional energy planning ensures Oregonians will have reliable and affordable energy resources, while meeting climate and other energy-related goals and supporting strong economic development.

The agency participates in the development of:

We provide a unique statewide perspective in state and regional planning processes, cutting across energy sectors, fuel types, planning jurisdictions, and consumer classifications.

System Resiliency

A resilient energy system is one that can recover quickly after a system disruption like a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, a sea level rise such as a storm surge, or heightened forest fire dangers. 

Our programs support projects that boost resiliency, such as distributed generation, coastal generation, and energy storage. The agency is also working with other state and local agencies and stakeholders to assess our current risks of potential energy system failure, and how we would respond.

Our planning work includes mitigating the effects of a short-term disaster as well as supporting flexible energy systems that can respond to climate change efforts.​ has tips for how you can be prepared, including putting together an emergency kit with food and water, determining a family communication plan, and more.

​Energy Storage​

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