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Program Strategies (Good-Faith Efforts)
For the purpose of this plan, good-faith efforts shall be defined as significant measurable attempts to reach affirmative goals and to carry out the intent of this plan. Such efforts may be demonstrated in the following manner:
  1. Records substantiating that a policy statement committing the agency to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action practices has been issued to the staff.
  2. Records substantiating that the agency's affirmative action plan has been made available to all employees.
  3. Records substantiating that managers and supervisors within the work unit have received EEO and Cultural Diversity training.
  4. Records substantiating the provision of reasonable accommodation to disabled persons.
  5. Records substantiating that all eligible persons are encouraged to receive training regardless of their protected class.
  6. Records substantiating that part-time, training, and seasonal employment opportunities are made available to protected class persons.
  7. Records substantiating that the State's EEO policy and Federal EEO policy is posted in the work unit.
  8. Records substantiating dissemination of the EEO grievance procedure to all staff.
  9. Records documenting each organizational unit's progress toward meeting goals to address underutilization.
  10. Records documenting exit interviews and non-discriminatory reasons for leaving.
  11. Records substantiating actions taken to reduce and/or eliminate illegal discrimination and /or harassment complaints.
  12. Records documenting the ethnic/gender composition of interview panels.
  13. Records documenting nay actions or efforts undertaken to meet the State's affirmative action objectives.