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Governor Kitzhaber calls for Ballot Measure Resolution, resulting in withdrawal of 12 measures

(Salem, OR) — In response to Governor Kitzhaber’s public call for a mutual stand-down on looming 2014 ballot measure fights between unions and business interests, the state’s largest public employee unions and sponsors of right-to-work and dues check-off measures have agreed to formally withdraw 12 measures from the 2014 ballot measure process.
The decision to avoid competing ballot measures follows an agreement reached in February between the Service Employee International Union and many of the state’s largest hospitals. Following that agreement, an additional five ballot initiative petitions were withdrawn.
"This is an unprecedented moment in Oregon’s long history of ballot measure politics," said Governor Kitzhaber. "Over the last three years, we have shown time and time again that no matter how wide the ideological divide might be, people on different sides of issues are able to come together for the greater good of Oregon and our citizens."
"Instead of spending millions on ballot measure battles, we have an agreement that provides an opportunity for people to work with one another on solving Oregon’s biggest problems. I appreciate the willingness of the measures’ sponsors to take this enormous step forward."

Audio of Governor Kitzhaber discussing the ballot measure agreement

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