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Governor’s Food Drive Awards
Governor’s Remarks

Good morning, and thank you for inviting Cylvia and me to say a few words.

In so many ways, my administration has been about making meaningful and positive changes to state government.

I talk a lot about our work to break down barriers and streamline our state resources so we can deliver for Oregonians. We’re transforming public services and improving coordination between the state and the local public and private sectors. We’re pursuing new, creative solutions in cooperative and collaborative ways.

But there is one thing about state government that I’d never want to change, and that’s the deeply-held commitment, alive and well among state employees, to making Oregonians’ lives better.

I see that commitment in public employees’ hard work to put children and students first with comprehensive education reforms; to protect Oregon’s natural resources, public health, and safety; and to invest in jobs and innovation that lead to a more prosperous future for our neighbors across the state.

You bring this commitment to your career, and you bring it to your voluntary service.

The Governor’s Annual Food Drive is, for me, a heartening reminder that state employees believe in our state. You believe in supporting one another, in shaping a future where no Oregonian goes hungry, and no child shows up at school without getting enough to eat.

The central goal of my administration is to help ensure that every Oregonian – regardless of income, geography, race or home language – has an equal opportunity to meet their basic needs; to strive to reach their full potential; to better themselves through hard work; and to leave their children better off than they were.

I can’t reach this goal alone. Your role in this mission is huge, and to your credit, you’re contributing not just on the job, but also as people who love and value this state. For your public service, and for your success inspiring fellow employees to make this food drive a success, my sincere and heartfelt thanks.