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Press Release: February 16, 2011

Governor Highlights Progress on Job Creation, Legislation on Industrial Lands and Tax Policy In Meeting with Leading Oregon Manufacturers

(Portland) – School energy efficiency audits, legislation to ensure an adequate supply of industrial land and integrated job training programs are just three of Governor Kitzhaber’s job creation priorities making good progress one month after he launched several early action items to get Oregonians back to work.  The Governor also discussed his efforts to spur Oregon’s emerging biomass energy industry and create tax incentives to reinvest in Oregon in a meeting with leading Oregon manufacturers.

“Getting Oregonians back to work is my top priority,” Governor Kitzhaber said. “State government can and must play a key role in creating a favorable environment for the private sector to build a vibrant and innovative economy.”

At a Manufacturers Round Table in Portland, the Governor and Senator Lee Beyer outlined SB 766, new legislation to designate regionally significant industrial areas.  The Governor also discussed a bill he will introduce soon to create a more favorable capital gains rate specifically for reinvestment in Oregon, and he gave a progress report (attached) on the early actions recommended by his jobs and economy transition teams. The progress report gave updates to the following recommendations:

  • Conduct energy audits on 500 Oregon schools – In Progress
  • Ensure that EPA regulation of biomass reflects the beneficial carbon profile of woody biomass in the Northwest – In Progress
  • Include preference for biomass boilers in school retrofit programs – In Progress
  • Set regular meetings with key members of the manufacturing community, and focus on regular communication with the business “clusters” – Complete
  • Take administrative action to integrate Oregon’s On-the-Job Training and Career Readiness Certificate Programs to prepare them for scale-up – Complete
  • Fund the Oregon Innovation Council, one of the most effective public/private partnerships transforming university research into market-ready jobs - responsible for at least 600 jobs in the current biennium – Complete
  • Revamp the Oregon Growth Account to ensure that it is primarily used as an economic development tool – In Progress

Link to report: http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/docs/Early_Jobs_Report.pdf

Link to draft bill language: http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/docs/LC_3709.pdf

Media Contacts:
Tim Raphael, 503-689-6117
Amy Wojcicki, 503-689-5324

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