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Press Release: March 8, 2011

Governor Kitzhaber signs first bills of session

2009-2011 Budget Rebalance bills become law

(Salem, Or.)- Governor Kitzhaber today signed a series of five bills appropriating $77 million to complete the rebalance of the 2009-2011 budget.

The budget rebalance will maintain $5.756 billion funding level for K-12 schools for the current biennium.  The bills also protect services such as assistance to seniors and people with disabilities and public safety.

The budget rebalance bill signing completes legislative work begun in May 2010 when the quarterly revenue forecast revealed a sudden $577 million drop in expected revenues.

Highlights of legislation signed by the Governor include: 

HB 3338

Implements Ballot Measure 69, which was passed by the voters in May 2010. Changes statute and chapter law to align with changes made to Article XI-F(1) and Article X1-G of the Oregon Constitution governing general obligation bonding for post-secondary education.

HB 3339

This measure implements statutory changes necessary to support the legislatively approved budget and to clarify the application of statutes. This measure, relating to state financial administration, is not an appropriation bill and therefore does not include the appropriation of funds. The measure, however, is necessary to achieve a balanced budget for the 2009-11 biennium.

HB 5050

Rebalances the State’s budget with available resources after the latest revenue forecast. Additional General fund resources come from reductions to budgets that were not subject to the Governor’s allotment reduction administrative rules. These include Legislative Branch agencies, Judicial Branch agencies, and the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is also transferring Other Funds to the General Fund in lieu of additional reductions. The Tax Amnesty program is projected to increase revenues an additional $12 million more than forecasted. Lottery Funds resources are increased by debt service savings in several agencies.

HB 5051

Provides additional Capital Construction authority for state agencies.

HB 5052

Lottery Allocation Changes.

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