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Executive Order: 05-01
Affirmative Action
Pursuant to my authority as Governor of the State of Oregon , I find that:
The State of Oregon consists of people with diverse backgrounds, including different cultures, beliefs and life experiences; 
The State of Oregon is committed to the right of all persons to work and advance on the basis of merit, ability and potential. 
Affirmative Action is a valuable tool that may enable the State to mitigate the effects of past and present discrimination, intended or unintended, on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status or disabilities;
Cultural Competency Assessment and Training is a proactive management strategy within a program of Affirmative Action that is designed to reduce discriminatory behaviors and practices that may exist; and
The State of Oregon, by and through the agencies, boards and commissions of the Executive Branch, values the principles of equal employment opportunities, affirmative action and diversity and should proactively lead the State on issues of equality and diversity and on the promotion of Affirmative Action.
1.   The Director of Affirmative Action and each Agency Director or Administrator shall review and discuss the affirmative action plans and affirmative action goals for their departments to identify resources for improving, if needed, the hiring and developmental opportunities of underrepresented persons.
2.   The Director of Affirmative Action will coordinate with the Department of Administrative Services the development and presentation of training designed to improve the skills and competency necessary to effectively manage affirmative action and diversity issues.
3.   The Department of Administrative Services, in consultation with the Director of Affirmative Action, shall devise a procedure to examine whether executive service and management service employees have appropriate affirmative action and diversity responsibilities in their position descriptions. The audit procedure shall also review whether employees have been evaluated on their Affirmative Action and Diversity successes and achievements. 
4.   The Director of Affirmative Action shall provide to all state agencies a list of approved firms that provide Cultural Competency Assessment and Training.  The services of these firms are intended to enable state agencies to address the following objectives:
  • The creation of a climate of increased cultural awareness;
  • A common understanding of how all members of the organization should be valued and respected;
  • Promotion of managerial skills among diverse populations of employees;
  • An understanding of the roles of employers and employees in creating a welcoming environment; and
  • The improvement of employee morale.
Agency Directors and Administrators are encouraged to utilize  the services of these firms within their agencies if, in the opinion of the Agency Director in consultation with Director of Affirmative Action, it would be beneficial and appropriate for the agency to do so.
Done this 26th day of January 2005, at Salem , Oregon .
                                                                        Secretary of State