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The Governor's Budget

Education First    |    Good Jobs    |    Lower Costs 

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Delivering on Oregonians' Priorities

Oregonians have clear priorities when it comes to state spending: invest in children and education first, focus on job creation and innovation, and reduce the cost of government. My recommended balanced budget for the 2013-15 biennium delivers on those priorities.

My budget includes increased dollars for early childhood services and investments for more teachers, more school days, and programs that prepare students for the 21st century. It funds proven job creation strategies and core infrastructure projects while identifying ways we can reduce costs in state government to achieve long-term financial stability for the state.

Above all, it provides a balanced approach to rebuilding a strong, secure middle class and supporting opportunities for all Oregonians. We share a vision that includes prosperity for every community in the state. This budget will help get us there.


Governor Kitzhaber 


Child Safety

​$55 million increase for relief nurseries, child protective services and community mental health to improve the health and welfare of children.
Early Learning Reforms

​Realigns childcare, health care and pre-school services to ensure all children are ready to learn when they get to kindergarten.
​$8 Billion for Education

​Reverses the trend of cuts and layoffs and better integrates Early Learning, K-12 and post-secondary education and career training.
More Teachers and
School Days for K-12
​$6.15 billion plus $253 million in PERS savings to begin to reinvest in K-12 education, enough to hire an additional 500 teachers.
Education and Training
​Increases funding for Opportunity Grants to $113.7 million, expands dual credit and supports tuition equity to ensure every qualified Oregon high school graduate, regardless of immigration status, has access to affordable higher education.



Over $1 Billion for Core Infrastructure Projects

Funds the Interstate 5 bridge replacement, water projects, university buildings, airport, marine and rail improvements, seismic upgrades, and technology infrastructure projects that get Oregonians back to work.

$90 Million for Proven Innovation Partnerships

​Increases funding for the Oregon Innovation Council, Signature Research Centers and maintains university-based innovation, agriculture and forestry research programs.
​Workforce Training
​$10 million to better align programs with employer needs.
Regulatory Reforms
​Removes barriers to private investment and job creation.
From Poverty to

Increases the Earned Income Tax Credit by more than 30 percent and funds Employment Related Day Care to help working families keep more of what they earn and move up the income ladder.

$865 Million in PERS Savings

Adjusts out-of-state benefits and caps cost-of-living increases to gain system-wide savings and ensure the long-term viability of public retirement benefits.

$11 Billion in Expected Health Care Savings
Over the Next Decade

​Implements health care reforms for better care at lower cost.

​$600 Million in Avoided Prison Costs Over the
Next Decade
​Reduces the cost of corrections through public safety reforms and investments in proven crime prevention and community corrections strategies.


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