Subcommittees, advisory boards, and work groups

The Higher Education​ Coordinating Commission (HECC) meets regularly (calendar), and all commission meetings are open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, public meeting notices for the subcommittees and public work groups are issued by the HECC public meeting notices. 

Higher Education Coordinating Commission Subcommittees

In addition to the full HECC meetings, the Commission holds public meetings of its two Commission subcommittees  Membership of the subcommittees is noted on the Commissioners page here.

Student Success and Institutional Collaborations (SSIC) Subcommittee: 

  • Reviews, advances and/or approves work of the HECC related to academic pathways, Pre K-20 educational alignment, student success and equity, and other related areas.
​Funding and Achievement (F&A) Subcommittee: 
  • Reviews, advances, and/or approves work of the HECC related to funding and budget, the development of the agency budget request, state funding allocations to public institutions, capital funding, and other financial topics.

Advisory Committees and Boards

The HECC also convenes or supports public meetings of the following advisory committees, councils, and boards:

Credit for Prior Learning Advisory Committee: ​
  • ​HECC-appointed committee that reports to the Commission and Legislature annually on progress toward increasing the number of students who receive credit for prior learning and improving prior learning assessment practices.
​Oregon Workforce Investment Board:  
​Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (OYCC) Advisory Committee
State-appointed advisory committee to agency staff on the implementation of the OYCC youth workforce program. Public meetings posted on the Oregon Transparency site.

In addition to public committees and work groups, HECC agency staff are advised by numerous committees of internal and external stakeholders in order to work toward collective goals, including the Private Career School Advisory Council, HECC Equity Advisory Work Group, Oregon Opportunity Grant Advisory Committee, Office of Degree Authorization Advisory Committee, Joint Transfer Articulation Committee, and other work groups assigned to specific topics.   ​


​​To engage with the Commission’s work:

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