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GED Program Facts and Student Success

Learn more about the program, recent initiatives, and current success rates of students in the following presentations.

Why do businesses want to hire GED graduates?

In 2014, changes were made to the GED testing series to better prepare students for success in today's workplace, economy, and world of postsecondary education. Today's GED test: 

  • measures both High School Equivalency and College and Career Readiness (CCR);
  • measures essential higher-order thinking and reasoning skills needed for success in jobs and career and college training programs;
  • ensures that passers demonstrate the knowledge and skills on par with high school graduates;  
  • is standardized and normed on a national sample of high school grads from the class of 2013 both high school equivalency and college and career readiness; and
  • has also been reviewed by ACE CREDIT®. Learn More on the GED Testing Service website.​

Why do individuals want to earn a GED certificate?

In today’s marketplace, education is key to success in a global economy. Higher education evels correspond with higher earnings. lower rates of unemployment, and numerous other benefits. 
The GED keeps doors of opportunity open to students of all ages and backgrounds.