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Development of Transfer Credit Agreements: Implementation of House Bill 2998​

Learn more here about work in progress on implementation of House Bill 2998 (2017), or sign up for our transfer pathways mailing list here for updates. In 2017, as a result of collaborat​ion among the HECC, Oregon’s community colleges and public universities, and lawmakers, the State Legislature passed HB 2998, a bill designed to streamline transfer between Oregon’s community colleges and public universities.  The legislation directs the HECC to bring together community colleges and universities to establish common foundational curricula of at least 30 credits and major-specific unified statewide transfer agreements (USTAs).  ​​

Legislative Session Summary Materials

For a high-level overview of the postsecondary education budget, see the Fact Sheet below. 

For a longer comprehensive overview of key legislative investments and bills approved during Oregon’s 2015 Legislative Session, including bill descriptions, details on the 2017-19 biennial budget, capital investment information, and historical investment data, see the Legislative Summary. 

F​inally, for information on the investment and eligibility changes to the Oregon Promise see the following Fact Sheet: 

Additional resources:

Featured News, from HECC Collaborations newsletter

The State of Oregon approved a number of significant bills in the 2017 Legislative Session that will impact our work for higher education affordability, equity, and student success. In addition to those described here, summaries of numerous other key bills pertaining to higher education are included in the HECC Legislative Summary above, in addition to useful charts describing work groups and reports that have been assigned to the HECC and its partners.

With the passage of House Bill 2311 (2017), Oregon has clarified its 40-40-20 educational goal to focus it strategically on young Oregonians rising through the education system. HB 2311 refocuses the 40-40-20 as a pipeline goal, applying to the expected high school class of 2025 (and beyond), rather than to all adult Oregonians. At the same time, it clarifies the state’s commitment to ambitious educational outcomes for working-age Oregonians by requiring that HECC work with the Oregon Workforce Investment Board and institutional partners on creation of a new set of goals for the adult population that are more aligned with career trajectories, educational interests, and projected job opportunities.​

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