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Informing Progress Toward Oregon’s State Goals

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission is responsible for conducting data collection, analysis, reporting, and research on all sectors of postsecondary education in Oregon. The HECC data resources are used to inform policy and funding decisions, and to uphold important requirements for transparency and accountability in an effort to achieve Oregon's state goals for higher education.

Oregon has one of highest reaching state goals for education in the country. The state's "40-40-20" education goal is for every Oregonian to earn at least the equivalent of a high school diploma, and for 80% of Oregonians to earn a postsecondary credential to prepare them for success in the global economy. Learn more about Oregon higher education goals here.

This section of the website displays several snapshots on the state of Oregon postsecondary education on the subjects below.

Oregon Educational Attainment Data​

  • Progress toward Oregons' 40-40-20 Education Goals, and other key educational attainment data.

Education Pathways Data​

  • Featured data on education pathways of Oregonians from secondary to postsecondary education.

Search Community College Data 

  • Perform searches for custom data sets using the Data Mart and the data submission portal. Updated annually in September.

Research and Data Links 

 ​Links to state and national partners and research organizations.​


Student Data on Enrollment, Demographics, and Completion

Find answers to questions about student enrollment, demographics, and completion of degrees and certificates at Oregon public colleges and universities. Updated annually in October.

Funding Data
Review historical data on state funding for public higher education. Updated annually in February.​
Tuition and Fee Data 
Review historical tuition and fee information for Oregon community colleges and universities. Updated annually in August.

State-administered Financial Aid Data

Explore data related to Oregon scholarships, grants, and outreach administered by the HECC. Updated annually.
Performance and Accountability data​
Find performance and accountability metrics reported at state and federal levels. Updated annually in January.
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