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Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Telephone Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Sunset Center South, Suite 19
1193 Royvonne Avenue SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
The meeting was called to order by Chair Leisinger at 4:00 PM.  Oral roll call was taken:
Members Present
Vice-Chair Gladys Biglor, via telephone from Bend
Jim Figurski, via telephone from Portland
Paul Kyllo, at the Board office.
Chair Andy Leisinger, via telephone from Pendleton
Mel Stout, via telephone from Portland
Tim VanWormer, via telephone from Portland
Staff Present
Susanna Knight, Administrator, at the Board office
Members Absent
Tony Nitz, Public Member
No guests present
Stout asked if notice of the meeting was issued.  Kyllo stated that notice was posted on both the building door and the office door. Knight stated that notice was issued to all required and interested parties from the Public Meeting Notice list.
No action was taken on previous minutes.
Leisinger stated that this special meeting date was set to review the first draft of the 2005-2007 Budget that was tabled at the regular meeting on February 11, 2005.  He stated that   VanWormer & Kyllo served as the Budget Committee in preparing the draft budget and asked that VanWormer take the lead in presenting the budget to the Board.
VanWormer indicated that the figures pulled into this budget were taken from information in the Board’s QuickBooks registry for the calendar year January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2003.  Revenue categories were discussed and Kyllo answered questions about the revenue line items.  Revenue sources include annual Landscape Architect registrations, biennial business registrations and various application fees.  The committee determined that little change in these numbers is anticipated in the next biennium.
The Board then reviewed the Personal Services section of the budget.  Knight stated that the per Board meeting stipend of $30.00 is included based on four meetings each of the 2 years.  VanWormer stated that the staff expense covers the administration of the work of the Board.  This figure is an increase from the current contract to allow the office to grow by ½ person, to be paid by both OSLAB and OSBGE.
VanWormer then discussed each line by line item and fielded questions.  Expenses include a new computer, a contract amount for database development, a substantial increase in Attorney General fees, travel expenses for in-state travel to and from Board meetings, meals for Board meetings, and annual out of state travel to the CLARB national meeting.  VanWormer stated that the estimated revenue over expenses would leave the Board with an approximate $10,000 positive balance.  However, he stated that there are numerous debts that must also be funded and he suggested that the Board address this concern.
Leisinger suggested that a one-time assessment of $175.00 per registrant would cover all the old debt and leave an operating balance. 
Biglor stated that she had been giving much thought to this outstanding debt of the Board and offered five possibilities: 1) a one-time assessment of all registrants at renewal time; 2) reduce fixed expenditures; 3) increase fees; 4) borrow money; or 5) a combination of these suggestions.
Figurski stated that a one-time $175.00 assessment is very steep and that perhaps half could be assessed each year of the biennium.
Biglor declared opposition to any assessment of Landscape Architect registrants to pay off current indebtedness.  She asked the Board to trim costs and limp by with only the bare necessities for this biennium.  She suggested looking at the fee structure for like Boards with a long-term change in fees and inquired as to when the last fee increase occurred. [Last fee increase was 1999; from $200 to $225]
Knight informed the Board that a sole proprietor is already paying both the registrant fee and the business fee.  In a recent conversation with such a registrant, concern was expressed about the added cost of now required continuing education.
Figurski suggested that we research fees for adjacent states.  He also suggested that we trim as much from the budget as possible, including Attorney General costs, in order to remain solvent and do the regulatory work of the Board.
The Board agreed that cutting line items should be the first step to correct the current indebtedness.  Members then made the following line item cuts from the draft budget: out of state travel, stipends, instate meals and lodging, new computer, database development and one half of the budgeted AG fees.  With these reductions, funds will be available for old debt.
Figurski moved to approve the revised draft of the 2005-07 budget.  Seconded and passed. Biglor, yes; Figurski, yes; Kyllo, yes; Leisinger, yes; Stout, yes; VanWormer, yes.
Figurski moved to increase the annual registrant fee from $225 to $250.  Seconded and passed. Biglor, yes; Figurski, yes; Kyllo, yes; Leisinger, yes; Stout, yes; VanWormer, yes.
With the pending release of the Secretary of State audit, Biglor inquired as to whether the Board should think about another meeting before the scheduled May meeting.  Members agreed that the timing of the release of the audit would drive the need for an additional meeting.
Biglor moved to adjourn.  Seconded and approved.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM by Chair Leisinger.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight
The minutes of the February 22, 2005, Board meeting were approved at the May 13, 2005, Board Meeting.