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Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2007
OregonStateLandscape Architect Board
Special Telephone Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2007
Present via telephone:
Andy Leisinger, LA, Vice-Chairman, from Moscow, ID
Ron Nichols, Public Member, from Salem, OR
Mel Stout, LA, from Portland, OR
Timothy VanWormer, Board Chair, from Portland, OR
Susanna Knight, Board Administrator
Paul Kyllo, Public Member, Salem, excused
David Olsen, LA, Bend
No Guests Present
The meeting was called to order by Chair Van Wormer at 8:33 AM.  Oral roll call was taken to establish a quorum.  Van Wormer added one additional item to the agenda: Legislative Bills.
  1. 2007-09 Budget: Chair Van Wormer stated that he and Nichols met with the Board Administrator on February 22, 2007, to review the budget figures.  Van Wormer informed the Board that Kyllo offered his approval of the figures prior to the meeting, as he was unable to attend.  Leisinger stated that he reviewed the information and found everything in good order and moved to approve a 2007-09 budget of $278,860.00.  Seconded by Stout.  Leisinger, yes; Nichols, yes; Stout, yes; and Van Wormer, yes.  Motion passed.  Knight will now set up a Public Hearing on the draft budget for the May Board meeting date.
  1. Contract for Administrative ServicesVan Wormer stated that it is time for the Board to determine if they will continue with the Agreement for administrative services with the Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners (OSBGE) for the next biennium.  Nichols stated that he believes this is a fine arrangement for the Board.  Leisinger moved to approve the Agreement for administrative services for the 2007-09 biennium.   Seconded by NicholsLeisinger, yes; Nichols, yes; Stout, yes; and Van Wormer, yes.  Motion passed.  Knight noted that two important joint items are components of the Agreement, the annual review and the hiring of an administrator.  These joint items allow both Boards to have input into the administrative process.
  1. Request for Additional Computer Expenditure for 2005-07:  Van Wormer referred the Board to the document which laid out the computer plan for the office.  The front desk computer is currently not sufficient and not secure.  This request will allow for the purchase of a laptop computer for the Board’s office desk and the current Board’s computer to be moved to the front desk.  This laptop will provide the Administrator with a tool for working at the exam sites during the year.  Leisinger moved to approve additional computer expenditures of up to $3150 for hardware and to split the cost of up to $1000 total for database modifications and networking costs associated with establishing a server.  Seconded and passed.  Leisinger, yes; Nichols, yes; Stout, yes; and Van Wormer, yes.
  1. Legislative Bills
  • SB 18Van Wormer reported that he was recently notified by ASLA of a Legislative bill sponsored by Senator Betsy Johnson for establishing a licensing board for Land Use Planners.  He shared that Landscape Architects, Engineers and Architects all do land use planning, but in particular, the Landscape Architect statute addresses planning.  He has drafted a letter to Senator Johnson informing her that this is covered under the Landscape Architect statutes.
Van Wormer also informed the Board that land use planning does involve a unique body of knowledge, as he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in this field.  His research revealed that both New Jersey and Michigan currently regulate this profession.  A national exam is prepared by a national organization titled American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).  A state exam is also administered.  Perhaps local jurisdictions could require that applicants for a position as a land use planner provide confirmation of passing the national test rather than setting up a regulatory body in the state.
  • HB 2117: Van Wormer informed the Board that he is aware of a bill sponsored by the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (OLCB) that would identify a landscape contractor as a landscape professional in the OLCB statutes.  The Landscape Contractor business must carry a bond; the individual landscape contractor does not.  Evidently OLCB is attempting to provide clarification for the general public about the bond through the name change.  APLD is currently providing some resistance.
  • HB 2252: Knight informed the Board that participation in this bill has been withdrawn.  This bill provides authorization for background checks.
5.  Stipulated Final Order, LACC#05-05-005:   Van Wormer requested clarification of the proposed Stipulated Final Order imposing Civil Penalties (Stipulated Final Order).  Knight stated that the document mailed early in the week to each Board member is the wording for the Stipulated Final Order.  The final language was negotiated by the Compliance Committee of Kyllo & Leisinger through our AAG Martin   The respondent faxed a signed copy of the document and it has been received by the Board.  Knight stated that Respondent has indicated the original signed document is in the process of being mailed to the Board.  Stout moved to accept the Stipulated Final Order as presented.  Nichols seconded.  Leisinger, yes; Nichols, yes; Stout, yes; and Van Wormer, yes.  Knight expressed a big thank-you to the Compliance Committee for all their work on this case.  Knight will work with the Vice Chair Leisinger and the Board’s AAG to issue and serve the document.
Knight stated that the meeting format used today where the members called in to a central number will be discussed at the next Board meeting.  Chair Van Wormer adjourned the meeting at 9:17 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna R. Knight

The minutes of the March 9, 2007, Special Telephone meeting were approved as presented at the May 11, 2007, Board meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna R. Knight, Administrator