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Meeting Minutes
December 10, 2004
Minutes of the Emergency Board Meeting
December 10, 2004
Members in attendance
Gladys Biglor, via telephone from Bend
James Figurski, via telephone from Portland
Paul Kyllo, at the Board office
Andy Leisinger, Chair, at the Board office
Mel Stout, via telephone from Portland
Staff in attendance
Robyn McGinnity, DOJ, AAG
Guests in attendance
Susanna Knight, Administrator, OSBGE
Members absent
Tony Nitz
Timothy VanWormer
Chair Leisinger called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM in Sunset Center South, Suite 24.  [The office of the Geologist Examiners Board Administrator was used because of the capacity to use a multi-line telephone.]  Leisinger stated the agenda as follows:
  1. Discussion of the contract offer with the Geology Board for administrative purposes from 12/1/2004 to 6/30/2005; and
  2. Executive Session to discuss the American Payroll Company letter.
Knight was asked to leave the room while the Board discussed the contract.  Kyllo scribed the minutes that follow: 
Chair Leisinger shared the contract information provided by the Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners (OSBGE).  A discussion of the terms of the agreement followed.  It was discussed that the proposal from the Geology Board included services that the Board may not need.  It was felt that the LAB members could pick up some of the Board operations to save money.  Itemization of tasks was considered as part of the agreement.
Figurski moved to have Leisinger negotiate an agreement with the Geology Board that includes the itemization of time used.  Stout seconded.  Discussion followed.  At issue was how Board operations would function without someone in the Board office.  Figurski volunteered to take on some tasks, and to continue the chores he is already doing.  Members have already been volunteering (ie, proctoring exams).  Motion passed:  Biglor, yes; Stout, yes, Figurski, yes, Kyllo, yes, Leisinger, yes.
Figurski expressed optimism at the tone of the negotiations.  He expected negotiations to be positive and productive.
Knight was invited to return to the room. 
A discussion commenced about the new space available at the end of the month, which would accommodate both Boards.  Knight stated that there would be minimal if any increase in the current monthly rate for LAB.  The space would allow a separate office for each Board and a large common area for filing cabinets and a reception desk.  Biglor inquired if the space would be large enough for Board meetings.  Knight indicated that the Board would continue to use the Conference Room for Board meetings.  Stout moved to approve moving the office to the new space.  Seconded and passed. Biglor, yes; Stout, yes, Figurski, yes, Kyllo, yes, Leisinger, yes.
Chair Leisinger then stated: “Per ORS 192.660 (1) (h) the Oregon Landscape Architect Board will now meet in executive session to consult with Legal Counsel concerning legal rights and duties regarding current litigation or litigation likely to be filed.  Representatives of the news media and designated staff shall be allowed to attend the executive session.  All other members of the audience are asked to leave the room.  Representatives of the news media are specifically directed not to report on any of the deliberations during the executive session, except to state the general subject of the session as previously announced.  No decision will be made in executive session.  At the end of the executive session, the Board will return to open session and welcome the audience back into the room.”
Knight was excused from the room.
The Board returned to public session at 5:46 PM and invited Knight to return to the meeting. 
Figurski moved to authorize the Chair and subcommittee to enter into negotiations with each of the Board’s creditors and to authorize the Chair and subcommittee to go to the SIBA Boards and request inter-agency agreement for paying current bills.  Seconded and passed. Biglor, yes; Stout, yes, Figurski, yes, Kyllo, yes, Leisinger, yes.  Biglor requested to go on record that she preferred that the Board pay the payroll debt themselves.
Chair Leisinger stated that he hopes that all can attend the Friday, December 17, 2004, meeting in Salem.  It has been moved to the office of Paul Kyllo, as the Sunset Center South Conference Room is scheduled for the annual building Christmas party.  Figurski, Kyllo, Leisinger, and Biglor indicated they would be in attendance.  Biglor may have to be in attendance via telephone.  Stout may only be available by phone.  Knight reported that recently appointed Board Member VanWormer plans to be in attendance.  Knight will also make contact with Public Member Nitz regarding his availability.  Knight stated that the Public Meeting Notice indicated a 12:00 meeting time; the Public Hearing was noticed for 1:00 PM.
Figurski stated that he had discussed the Board’s Personnel Manual with AAG Chute of the Business Services Section.  [Biglor stated that the Board chose to develop part of the policy and adopt part of  DAS’s personnel policy.]  Figurski moved that OSLAB revise its personnel policy abandoning the past policy and adopting the DAS policy in its entirety.  Discussion followed.  Kyllo questioned the decision, as he was sure DAS policy was previously adopted.  Figurski stated that the current policy did not provide for paying a maximum of 250 vacation hours.  The Board must go through past minutes and identify when the policy was effective.  Biglor stated that if a partial personnel policy was previously approved, there must have been a reason. Figurski stated that perhaps the Board suffered “burnout” and did not finish the project.  Biglor suggested the discussion could be tabled until the review of minutes was complete.  Figurski stated that a second approval of the same policy could not hurt to be certain it is now in place.  Motion was seconded by Kyllo and passed. Biglor, yes; Stout, yes, Figurski, yes, Kyllo, yes, Leisinger, yes.
A discussion was held about whom would scan the notebooks of minutes from 1999 and a bit forward.  Kyllo volunteered to scan the notebooks at the December 17, 2004 meeting.  Biglor indicated a concern about any crisis between the 14th and 17th of December.  Leisinger stated that amongst Kyllo, Figurski, Knight and himself, communication would be maintained.
Figurski will contact Robert Evans at American Payroll Company.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight
OSBGE Administrator
These minutes were approved, with corrections, at the December 17, 2004, special meeting of the Board.