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Focus is on education, transportation, and energy at National Lieutenant Governors Association gathering
Salem, OR—The seconds-in-command of the states and territories will gather in Washington, DC on Wednesday to work on improving schools, infrastructure, and more. Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson will join his peers at the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) meeting in Washington for 2½ days of meetings focused on education, transportation, and energy.

“Oregon needs to promote relationships with leaders in the new administration, and I will take this opportunity to engage with the newly confirmed secretaries of Education, Transportation, and Energy,” said Secretary Richardson. “I'll sit down and work directly with these leaders on what changes we can expect in Oregon schools, what money may be coming for Oregon roads, and how the nation will address energy issues important to Oregon.”

“In addition to our meetings with three new cabinet appointees, my colleagues and I will be visiting with officials from Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, and a representative of Turkic nations. My discussions with these top 10 trade partners will focus on how Oregon may support small and mid-sized businesses in creating new markets overseas to grow our jobs here at home,” Richardson said.

Transportation and manufacturing are essential components of economic development, and Secretary Richardson will speak with civil engineers and commodities experts on the future of vital infrastructure investments and commodities. The Secretary will also be briefed on responding to emergencies for Oregon, specifically a pending federal proposal which would require states to meet deductibles before receiving FEMA assistance during a disaster.

These meetings will also explore ideas on how to streamline state regulations, preserve international markets for agriculture, and assist veterans with health issues.

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