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Salem, OR—Today, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson publicly recognizes the creative idea and excellent work of the first of several public servants to be thanked during Public Service Recognition Week. The innovations of these employees of the Office of Secretary of State have saved Oregon tax payers millions of dollars.

“Secretary of State Reference Archivist and electronics hobbyist Austin Schulz pulled a ‘MacGyver' by upgrading an obsolete audio recording device saving Oregon taxpayers $5.5 million,” said Richardson. “Austin found an old Sawyer's Rols Dictator-transcriber machine on eBay, bought a few parts at Home Depot, and upgraded the machine. His creativity means that you can now listen online to audio recordings of historic discussions such as the Oregon Beach Bill .”

In this difficult budget environment, Richardson believes that Oregon's dedicated public servants need to be empowered to identify ways to increase efficiency and save money. Good ideas should be publicly acknowledged and applauded.

“We need to catch people doing the right thing,” said Richardson. “All Oregonians should thank Austin for his creative cost-saving idea and dedication to excellence.”



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