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Keno, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality penalized the trustees of Sportsman's Paradise RV/Mobile Home Park in Keno $3,027 for failing to execute and record an easement for the park's onsite sewage treatment system. The park is owned by two trusts, called Keno Trust 1 and Keno Trust 2.

Oregon law requires an easement in cases where a sewage disposal system serves more than one tax lot. The purpose of the easement is to protect public health by ensuring that people will continue to have sewage disposal services when property is sold or used for different purposes.

DEQ required the owner to obtain and submit the easement within 90 days of the permit being re-issued, which occurred in January 2017. To date, the owners have not obtained the easement.

View the notice of civil penalty:

Greg Svelund, Public Affairs, 541-633-2008,


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