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McMinnville, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined Riverbend Landfill Co. $8,400 for violating its Solid Waste Disposal Site Permit.

Between Sept. 23 and Sept. 25, 2017, the facility released about 2,700 gallons of leachate from a discharge pipe at the landfill off Highway 18. Most of this leachate seeped into the soil near the leachate storage pond. This soil was excavated and placed in the landfill. However, a small portion of the leachate entered a seasonal creek.

Leachate is liquid that drains or leaches from waste. DEQ requires that landfills take measures to prevent leachate from entering the environment because it can contain a host of harmful pollutants – including ammonia and bacteria. When released to waters of the state, leachate can harm aquatic life and impair recreational, commercial and agricultural uses of water bodies. It can also create offensive odors and threaten public health.

Riverbend Landfill has until Feb. 19 to appeal the fine.

View the enforcement letter at:

Katherine Benenati, Public Affairs Specialist, Eugene, 541-686-7997,


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