Consumer Info

In accordance with ORS 683.325, upon the complaint of any citizen, or upon its own motion, the Oregon Board of Optometry may investigate any violation of the Oregon optometry laws or administrative rules. In the conduct of investigations the Board may take evidence, take the depositions of witnesses, compel the appearance of witnesses, require answers to interrogatories, compel the production of documents, and issue subpoenas in the name of the State of Oregon. All complaint information is confidential during the course of the Board's investigation.

If you are a patient who saw on Oregon optometrist for services and believe there was an issue with the standard of care of service or another breach of Oregon optometry law, please call our Executive Director to discuss your complaint. Complaints are best documented through the Board's consumer complaint form. Once a complaint is filed, the Board investigates the allegations, reviews the patient file or other relevant documents and then makes a determination. The Board meets quarterly, so often complaints take more than 90 days to investigate and finalize. 

Consumer complaint form​​