When licensing is not needed

  • When applying pesticides, other than Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs), to property owned by you or your employer
  • Applications of general use pesticides by public employees with non-powered equipment, except on school properties
  • Advising others on general use pesticides
  • Applying pesticides as a part of landscape maintenance under specific conditions

When licensing is needed

  • Buying, applying, or supervising the use of RUPs
  • Advising others on the use of RUPs
  • Applying pesticides to someone else’s property (private or public land)
  • Applying pesticides as a public employee using machine-powered equipment and/or applying RUPs
  • Applying pesticides on school properties​​​​​​​​


Pesticide Licensing Guide for Oregon

Explains pesticide licensing, certification, license types and categories, record keeping, exams, training, and related information. Oregon Pesticide Licensing Guide



Colton Bond
Pesticide Registration & Certification Specialist
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Erin Fitch
Pesticide User Certification & Licensing Assistant
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Pesticide User Certification & Licensing Specialist
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Rose Kachadoorian
Pesticide Registration & Certification Leader
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Gilbert Uribe
Pesticide Registration & Certification Specialist
Phone: 503-986-4752

​​License renewals

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