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2018 Social Sciences Standards SBE First Reading Draft

 ORS 329.045 requires the State Board of Education (SBE) to regularly and periodically review and revise the academic content standards.

Ethnic Studies Standards

The First Reading draft includes a new Ethnic Studies strand for the standards. The draft standards in the Ethnic Studies strand are drawn from the draft civics, economics, financial literacy, geography, and Social Science Analysis standards. The standards will remain embedded in these strands, but also comprise the new Ethnic Studies strand. Creating the Ethnic Studies strand honors the considerations created by stakeholders participating at the July 2016 Social Sciences Summit (scroll down to see Summit information).

Ongoing Ethnic Studies Standard Work Through House Bill 2845

The Ethnic Studies draft standards may serve as the foundation to the larger process of adopting statewide Ethnic Studies Standards in Oregon. House Bill 2845, passed in the 2017 Legislative Session, directed the Department of Education to convene an advisory group to develop ethnic studies standards to propose for adoption into the existing statewide social sciences standards for kindergarten through 12th grade. The Ethnic Studies Advisory Group will be responsible for identifying where current statewide social science standards fail to recognize the histories, contributions and perspectives of ethnic minorities and social minorities.
Upon receipt of the final report of the Advisory Group, the State Board of Education will adopt new Ethnic Studies Standards.
Creating the Ethnic Studies strand emphasizes the importance of and the State’s commitment to culturally appropriate and incorporate the contributions and perspectives of the diverse ethnic and social minorities that have contributed to the rich history of Oregon and the United States.


Draft Standards Format

These First Reading draft Social Sciences Standards are written to broad concepts and understandings, allowing local districts to select discreet content that best serves their students. The intention is to promote more opportunities for in-depth study, rather than mandating coverage of discreet topics. The standards maintain and elevate references to the Oregon tribes and tribal government and will support the tribal curriculum work of SB 13.

Use of the Draft Standards 

The First Reading draft is not a final product. Schools and districts should not align curriculum and instruction to these standards at this time.


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First Reading Draft Standards

The K-12 standards are available in the First Reading Draft Social Sciences Standards document.

Thank you for your interest and assistance in improving Oregon's Social Sciences education!

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