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Regional Promise Grant

The Regional Promise Grant of 2015-2017 is intended for the development and/or expansion of consortia of educational service districts, school districts and post-secondary institutions building collaborative, innovative, and flexible ways to foster a college-going culture across the region and to create additional opportunities for high school students to participate and earn credit in college-level courses. Each consortium will plan to serve either at least 10,000 students or 50% or more of 5th -12th grade students in school districts participating in the grant and must include:
  • At least one Oregon public post-secondary institution
  • At least three school districts;
  • At least one education service district.

A strategic investment of $3 million was designated by the legislature for the Regional Promise Grant. The Department may award five to seven grants. Each grant will total between $250,000-$700,000. 

Five Regional Promise Grants Awarded for 2015 - 2017 Biennium

The Oregon Department of Education has awarded Regional Promise Grants to 5 consortia. The grants leverage K-12 and higher education collaboration to design learning communities that align student expectations from high school through college, to guide and prepare students for post-secondary training and educational opportunities, and to create effective accelerated learning models in communities around the state. 

Awards were granted to collaborations from the East County Area near Mount Hood, Northwest Region, Mid-Willamette Valley, High Desert Region, and the Southern Oregon area. 

The grants were designed to build on the work done during the previous biennium by the Eastern Promise consortium and other regional Promise sites. These consortia have significantly increased the number of high school students earning college credits while in high school and supported activities that help students explore and plan their personal education path tied to their career interests and goals. 

The caliber of the proposals was impressive and each of the regions awarded funds will design and deliver individualized, innovative, and flexible ways of delivering content, prepare students for careers and college, and provide ongoing support for high school teachers and college faculty to collaborate.

Selected recipients include:

Mid-Willamette Valley Consortium - $585,659 - Purpose and Scope  
Oregon Institute of Technology 
Western Oregon University 
Corban University 
Willamette Education Service District 
21 School Districts 

East County Pathways to College Success Consortium - $573,709 - Purpose and Scope  
Portland State University 
Mt. Hood Community College 
Multnomah Education Service District 
6 School Districts 

Cascades Commitment Consortium - $569,314 - Purpose and Scope  
Oregon State University- Cascades Campus 
Central Oregon Community College 
High Desert Education Service District 
6 School Districts 

Northwest Promise - $585,659 - Purpose and Scope  
Northwest Regional ESD 
Portland State University 
Portland Community College
Clatsop Community College
Tillamook Bay Community College
20 School Districts 

Southern Oregon Promise - $585,659 - Purpose and Scope  
Southern Oregon ESD 
Lake ESD 
Oregon Institute of Technology 
Southern Oregon University 
Klamath Community College 
Rogue Community College 
14 School Districts 

Regional Promise Grant Application Materials and Process for 2015-2017

How to Submit an Application Webinar

Please view this webinar video. This webinar describes the Secure File Transfer Process and gives last minute tips and advice on finishing your application. PPT

The Regional Promise Grant applications were due on Oct. 20, 2015 and received by 5:00PM by Secure File Transfer. Three hard copies must be postmarked by October 20, 2015 and mailed to: 
Oregon Department of Education 
Office of Learning 
255 Capitol Street NE 
Salem, Oregon 97310-0203 
Attention: Joy Blackwell 

Grant Announcements and Applications

Regional Promise Grant RFA 2015-2017 is due October 20, 2015 at 5:00 P.M. 

View the Regional Promise Grant RFA - Technical Assistance Webinar. This webinar highlights the purpose of the Regional Promise Grants, explains the RFA, and provides some tips to successfully completing the application. 

The slides were formatted incorrectly during the webinar so please use this revised slide presentation. There are links to useful resources embedded within the PowerPoint. For planning your grant use the following resources: 

Notice of Request for Information 

This request for information is optional, but will help the Oregon Department of Education identify the number of grant reviewers needed and assure that the potential applicant will receive all updates related to the grant process. Competing this Request does not obligate the consortium to apply for the grant.

Grant Writing Resources: 

Particularly helpful are the

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