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DHS Developmental Disabilities Foster Care

The DHS, Seniors and People with Disabilities offers 24-hour out of home services for children with developmental disabilities who can no longer continue to live in their family’s home. These services are accessed through your local Community Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP). The local CDDP determines an individual’s eligibility. The various service sites are located in communities throughout the state and are operated under contracts with state or county government. 

Certified and trained foster families assist children with their activities of daily living, providing supervision and guidance in a nurturing setting to maintain the child’s health and safety while working to increase levels of self-confidence and independence. Foster providers support children in their school programs, in community activities, in adult transition planning and when it is a part of the child’s individual plan, maintaining connection with the child’s family. Each child in foster care has an Individual Support Plan (ISP) which is updated annually. 

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