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Board of Forestry - January 9, 2013
Meeting Details

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oregon Board of Forestry – Public Meeting
Department of Forestry - State Forester's Headquarters
2600 State Street, Building C, Tillamook Room
Salem, Oregon 97310 
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Board of Forestry, January 9 Agenda [34 KB]

Audio Files

Recognition of Board Members and Governor Kitzhaber Comments [15.3 MB, 32 min.]

Consent Agenda, and Item 1. State Forester, Board Member, and Public Comments [3.3 MB, 7 min.]

Item 2. Part 1. Financial Viability on State Forests [19.9 MB, 42 min.]
Item 2. Part 2. Financial Viability on State Forests [18.5 MB, 39 min.]
Item 3. Workplan Transition [15.8 MB, 33 min.]
Meeting transition files 1 and 2 [1 MB, 2 min.]
Item 4. Update from the OSU College of Forestry [15.6 MB, 33 min.]
Item 5. 2013 Legislative and Budget Update [6.5 MB, 13 min.]
Item 6. Salmonberry Project Update - Rails and Trails [10.6 MB, 22 min.]
Item 7. Protection from Fire Work Plan [10.2 MB, 21 min.]
Item 8. Part 1. Federal Forests Issue Panel [27 MB, 57 min.]
Item 8. Part 2. Federal Forests Issue Panel [27 MB, 57 min.]

Meeting Minutes and Attachments


January 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes [76 KB]

  1. Board Member Springer Handout, EQC and BOF Communications, Agenda Item 1A   [263 KB]
  2. Board Member Springer Handout, EQC and BOF Liaison, Agenda Item 1A  [254 KB]
  3. Presentation, Improving Financial Viability of State Forests, Agenda Item 2  [829 KB]
  4. Public Comment, Carolyn Eady, Agenda Item 2  [230 KB]
  5. Public Comment, Rex Storm, Associated Oregon Loggers, Agenda Item 2  [239 KB]
  6. Public Comment, David Kunert, Hampton Lumber, Agenda Item 2  [242 KB]
  7. Public Comment, Wayne Giesy, Agenda Item 2  [288 KB]
  8. Guest Speaker Handout, Dean Maness, College of Healthy Landscapes, Agenda Item 4  [378 KB]
  9. Guest Speaker Handout, Dean Maness, Seven Point Strategic Vision, Agenda Item 4  [248 KB]
  10. Staff Presentation, Salmonberry Project Update, Agenda Item 6  [2.6 MB]
  11. Staff Presentation, Fire Protection Work Plan, Agenda Item 7 [522 KB]
  12. Staff Presentation, Work Plan Transition, Agenda Item 3 [294 KB]
  13. Staff Handout, Board of Forestry Work Planning Process, Agenda Item 3  [282 KB]
  14. Public Comment, David Morman, Agenda Item 3 [317 KB]
  15. Guest Presentation, Brett Brownscombe, Governor’s Natural Resource Office, Agenda Item 8  [488 KB]
  16. Guest Presentation, Matt Krumenauer, Department of Energy, Agenda Item 8  [821 KB]
  17. Staff Handout, Seven Actions to Support Sustainable Forests, NASF, Agenda Item 8 [311 KB]
  18. Guest Presentation, Russ Hoeflich, The Nature Conservancy, Agenda Item 8  [5.6 MB]
  19. Guest Presentation, Tom Partin, American Forest Resource Council, Agenda Item 8  [1.7 MB]
  20. Public Comment, Eron King, Agenda Item 8  [235 KB]


Pre-Meeting Materials



         1. Astoria District Acquisition and Exchange Plan Update [6.7 MB]                             
          2. Vicinity Map [2 MB]
          1. Parcel Maps [1 MB]
          2. Resolution and Order/ Exhibit A [17 KB]
         1. November 13, 2012 Letter from Dr. Jake Verschuyl and Dr. Gary Roloff [81 KB]
         2. Manipulating Retained Structures to Improve Wildlife Value: Draft Prospectus [645 KB]
         3. NCASI/MSU Map of Approximate Study Site Locations [203 KB]
         1. 2012 Annual Rule Review Meeting Report [107 KB]
         A.  Public Comments - topics not on agenda [19 KB]
Provides the Board with the final report from the Financial Viability workgroup, recommends  solutions for Board consideration and proposes a pathway forward.    
         2. Financial Review Panel: Agenda, Questions, and Key Themes [143 KB]                   
Item 3.  Work Plan Transition [30 KB] 
The purpose of this agenda item is to transfer priority items from the old work plans and close out work plans that are inactive or completed. This transition builds on the Board's work at its October planning workshop.    
         1. Work Plan Transition Matrix [76 KB]
         2. 2013 Oregon Board of Forestry Work Plan Items [58 KB] 
         3. Oregon Board of Forestry Work Plans - Example 2012 Matrix [88 KB]
         4. Oregon Board of Forestry Work Plan Dashboard [64 KB]              
Dean Maness will provide his vision for the future of the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Forestry, identify collaboration with the Department of Forestry and profile several key initiatives underway in the College of Forestry.     
Update and look ahead to the 2013 Legislative budget and policy issues.   
         1. Summary of proposed bills [19 MB]
         2. 2013-15 ODF Governor's Balanced Budget Summary [67 KB] 
Provides the Board with an update to the Salmonberry Project.   
Item 7.  Board Fire Protection Work Plan [38 KB] 
Present a draft Fire Protection Division work plan based on the November 7th conversation with the Board on future items to be included in the revised and updated work plan.   
Item 8.  Federal Forest Issue Panels [32 KB] 
Provides and informative panel discussion with guest speakers on federal forests issues and the Board's involvement in federal policy looking forward.   
At the discretion of the Chair, the time and order of agenda items may change to maintain meeting flow.  The Board will hear public testimony [*excluding marked items] and engage in discussion before proceeding to the next item.  * A single asterisk preceding the item number marks a work session.  Public testimony/comment will not be accepted.