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Board of Forestry March 5, 2014


​Meeting Details

Oregon Board of Forestry - Public Meeting
Oregon Department of Forestry - State Forester's Headquarters
Building C - Tillamook Room
2600 State Street, Salem, Oregon 97310

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
9:00 - 3:15   Agenda [34 KB]



Item 1. Consent Agenda, Introductory Comments [18 min, 8.52 MB]
Item 2. Gilchrist Acquisition Approval [8 min, 3.79 MB]
Item 3. Part 1. Protecting Water Quality [42 min, 19.6 MB]
Item 3. Part 2. Continued Protecting Water Quality [42 min, 19.6 MB]
Item 4. Mary Rellergert Forestry Education Awards [23 min, 10.8 MB]
Item 5. 2013 Forest Practices Operator of the Year [29 min, 13.7 MB]
Item 6. Subcommittee on Federal Forests [18 min, 8.28 MB]
Item 7. Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee Update [9 min, 4.42 MB]
Item 8. Part 1. Subcommittee on Alternative FMPs [28 min, 33 MB]
Item 8. Part 2. Continued Subcommittee on Alt. FMPs [28 min, 33 MB]
Item 9. 2015 Legislative Concept Update [9 min, 11.4 MB]


​Meeting Minutes and Attachments

Meeting Minutes - March 5, 2014

(1) Public Comment, Mary Scurlock, Agenda Item 1A
(2) Public Comment, Jim James, OSWA, Agenda Item 1A
(3) Presentation, Water Quality Update, Agenda Item 3
(4) Public Comment, Chris Jarmer and Brian Schlaefli, RFPC, Agenda Item 3
(5) Public Comment, Heath Curtiss, OFIC, Agenda Item 3
(6) Public Comment, Rex Storm, AOL, Agenda Item 3
(7) Presentation, Mary Rellergert Forestry Education Award, Agenda Item 4
(8) Presentation, 2013 Operator of the Year Awards, Agenda Item 5
(9) Public Comment, Gil Riddell, CFTLC, Agenda Item 7
(10) Presentation, Subcommittee on Alternative FMPs, Agenda Item 8
(11) Handout, Revised Flowchart for Alternative FMPs, Agenda Item 8
(12) Public Comment, Dave Ivanoff, Agenda Item 8
(13) Handout, Committee for Family Forestlands, Agenda Item 3


​Pre-Meeting Materials
Consent Agenda
F. 2014 Board Work Plans [28 KB]
    1. 2014 Oregon Board of Forestry Work Plan Items [60 KB]
    2. 2014 Work Plan Matrices [283 KB]
    3. Private Forests Work Plan [223 KB]
    4. State Forests Work Plan [154 KB]
    5. Emerging & Overarching Issues Work Plan [205 KB]
    6. Administrative Work Plan [167 KB]
    7. Fire Protection Work Plan [222 KB]
Action and Information
1. State Forester and Board Member Comments                                                 
A. Public Comments (topics not on agenda)
*2. Gilchrist Acquisition Approval [25 KB]
Seeks Board approval for acquisition from the Conservation Fund of 28,800 acres of forestland in Klamath County adjacent to the Gilchrist State Forest. 
    1. Vicinity Map [1.1 MB]
    2. Staff Analysis Report [128 KB]
    3. OAR Compliance Summary [91 KB]
    4. Hearings Officer Report [1.4 MB]
    5. Klamath County Order [619 KB]
3. Protecting Water Quality [24 KB]
A joint presentation from the Department of Forestry and Department of Environmental Quality on roles, responsibilities, and relationship in protecting water quality. 
    1. Regulation of Water Quality and Forest Practices. Briefing for the Board of Forestry, September 7, 2004. [57 KB]
    2. Temperature Standards: Natural Conditions Criteria. Questions and Answers. August 8, 2013. DEQ. [204 KB]       
4. Mary Rellergert Forestry Education Awards [17 KB]
Honorary award program recognizing forest educators with outstanding contributions to forest education in Oregon, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI), and Oregon State University’s Natural Resources Education Program.                                                                                
5. 2013 Forest Practices Operator of Year Awards [47 KB]
Board of Forestry’s presentation of the Forest Practices Regional Operator of the Year awards for 2013. The Operator Recognition program encourages protection of forest resources and values by recognizing operators who have excelled in effort, innovation, cooperation, consistency, and prevention to achieve or surpass the standards of forest resource protection. 
6. Subcommittee on Federal Forests  [35 KB]
Provides an update from the Subcommittee on Federal Forests.
    1. Letter to Joint Ways and Means [1.1 MB]
7. Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee Update [14 KB]
Gil Riddell, member of the Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee (FTLAC), will provide an update on the Committee’s work and advice related to State Forests topics.
8. Subcommittee on Alternative FMPs [31 KB]
Provides an update from the Subcommittee on Alternative Forest Management Plans.
Presents the Board with an update to the status of the 2015 legislative concepts.
Times listed on the agenda are approximate.  At the discretion of the Chair, the time and order of agenda items may change to maintain meeting flow. The Board will hear public testimony [*excluding marked items] and engage in discussion before proceeding to the next item.  * A single asterisk preceding the item number marks a work session.  Public testimony/comment will not be accepted.