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Board of Forestry - March 6, 2013


Meeting Details
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Oregon Board of Forestry – Public Meeting
Department of Forestry - State Forester's Headquarters
2600 State Street, Building C, Tillamook Room
Salem, Oregon 97310 
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Board of Forestry, March 6 Agenda [48 KB] 
Meeting Audio
Consent Agenda and Item 1. State Forester, Board Member, and Public Comments [31 min, 14.7 MB]
Item 2. Department of Forestry Fiscal Report [9 min, 4.6 MB]
Item 3. Land Acquisition and Exchange Plans [20 min, 9.6 MB]
Item 4. Emergency Fire Cost Committee [10 min, 4.9 MB]
Item 5. Fish Habitat and Aquatic Ecosystems [38 min, 21 MB]
Item 6. Voluntary Measures and the Oregon Plan [26 min, 12 MB]
Item 7. Operator of the Year Awards [15 min, 7 MB]
Item 8. Mary Rellergert Forestry Education Awards [18 min, 8.7 MB]
Item 9. Part 1. Riparian Rule Analysis Science Review [34 min, 16 MB]
Item 9. Part 2. Science Review Continued [34 min, 16 MB]
Item 10. HB2165 Requirements for Written Plans [21 min, 10 MB
Item 11. Part 1. Emerging and Overarching Issues Work Plan [31 min, 14 MB]
Item 11. Part 2. Work Plan Discussion Continued [31 min, 14 MB] 
Meeting Minutes and Attachments
1. Public Comments, Various Authors, Land Exchange Plans, Agenda Item 3 [840 KB]
2. Board Handout, Watershed Research Cooperative 2013, Agenda Item 1
3. Public Comment, Mike Dykzeul, E.T. Allen Protective Cooperation, Agenda Item 1A [724 KB]
4. Public Comment, Bob Van Dyk, North Coast State Forest Coalition, Agenda Item 3 [650 KB]
5. Presentation, Bruce McIntosh, Status and Trends in Fish in Coastal Watersheds, Agenda Item 5 [5.6 MB]
6. Presentation, Tom Byler, Oregon’s Unique Approach to Watershed Restoration, Agenda Item 6 [2 MB]
7. Presentation, Operator of the Year, Agenda Item 7 [312 KB]
8. Video, Ken Fallon Logging, NW Oregon Region Operator of the Year, Agenda Item 7 [51 MB]
9. Video, George Hagedorn Logging, Eastern Oregon Region Operator of the Year, Agenda Item 7 [50 MB]
10. Presentation, Oregon Wood Magic, Agenda Item 8 [421 KB]
11. Presentation, Marj Glass, Agenda Item 8 [2.5 MB]
12. Video, Talk About Trees, Agenda Item 8 [2.1 MB]
13. Presentation, Systematic Review: Science in Riparian Rule Analysis, Agenda Item 9 [1.1 MB]
14. Staff Handout, Revised Attachment 3, Agenda Item 9 [287 KB]
15. Public Comment, Mary Scurlock and Associates, Agenda Item 9 [1 MB]
16. Presentation, HB2165 Requirements for Written Plans, Agenda Item 10 [541 KB]
17. Staff Handout, EO 12-16 Promoting Wood Products in Commerce, Agenda Item 11 [361 KB]
Pre- Meeting Materials
Consent Agenda
A. January 9 Meeting Minutes  State Forester Doug Decker
       1. State Forester's Travel Claims Summary, Fiscal Year 2012 [18 KB]
       2. State Forester's Leave Usage Summary, Fiscal Year 2012 [19 KB]
       1. Hearings Officer Report [16 KB]
       1. Hearings Officer Report [17 KB]
        1. Proposed Housekeeping changes to the Forest Practice Rules (clean copy) [687 KB]
        2. Proposed Housekeeping changes to the Forest Practice Rules (track changes) [1.1 MB]
G. Environmental Quality Commission Liaison  [18 KB] Board Member Gary Springer
        1. EQC - BOF Communications [56 KB]
Action and Information
       A.  Public Comments Topics not on agenda – Sign in at Entrance
2. Department of Forestry Fiscal Report [21 KB]  Satish Upadhyay
Provides an update on the current financial status of the agency. 
         1. Financial Dashboard    
                                                                                                                                    Ed DeBlander
District Foresters Tom Savage and Mike Totey present Land Acquisition and Exchange Plans for Astoria and West Oregon districts for the Board’s review as required by Oregon Rule.    
        1. Astoria Plan and Maps [6.7 MB]
        2. West Oregon Plan [420 KB]
        3. West Oregon Vicinity Map [2 MB]
These plans are available for the public to review and comment.  Your comments may be submitted to the Board of Forestry through Sabrina Perez, Board Assistant, at sabrina.perez@state.or.us or to postal address: 2600 State Street, Salem, OR 97310. Comments submitted by 5:00 p.m. March 5, 2013 will be forwarded to the Board of Forestry prior to the March 6 meeting. 

4. Emergency Fire Cost Committee Administrative Rule Development [28 KB] 
Charlie Stone and Tim Keith

Emergency Fire Cost Committee (EFCC) Chair, Ken Cummings, will provide the Board with an update on
the EFCC’s process of reviewing and revising the Oregon Forestland Protection Fund’s administrative rules.
5. Fish Habitat and Aquatic Ecosystems in Managed Forest Landscapes[18 KB] 
                                                                                         Bruce McIntosh, ODFW and Peter Daugherty
Acting Fish Division Administrator of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bruce McIntosh, will
present results from ongoing monitoring on the status of fish and fish habitat in managed forests
ecosystems and discuss improvements made under the Oregon Plan, lessons learned, and key issues in
the future.

6. Success and Effectiveness of Voluntary Measures and the Oregon Plan [18 KB]
                                                                                                Tom Byler, OWEB and Peter Daugherty
Executive Director, Tom Byler, of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, will present information on the history of voluntary measures under the Oregon Plan, with a focus on forestry projects, identifying key lessons learned, and next steps for the future.

7. Operator of the Year Awards  [28 KB]                                        Peter Daugherty and Kevin Weeks
Board of Forestry’s presentation of the Forest Practices Regional Operator of the Year awards for 2012. The Operator Recognition program encourages protection of forest resources and values by recognizing operators who have excelled in effort, innovation, cooperation, consistency, and prevention to achieve or surpass the standards of forest resource protection.
8. Mary Rellergert Forest Education Awards [17 KB] 
                                                                            Norie Dimeo-Ediger, OFRI, and State Forester Decker
Honorary award program recognizing forest educators with outstanding contributions to forest education in Oregon, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) and Oregon State University (OSU), Natural Resources Education Program.                                                                                                                            

9.Riparian Rule Analysis – Science Review Outline and Approach [47 KB] 
                                                                                                         Terry Frueh and Peter Daugherty
Presents a proposed protocol to fulfill a requirement of the rule revision process. Outcomes of the scientific review will directly assist in evaluating the scientific basis of the 16 riparian rule alternatives and serve to inform the decision on the geographic extent of the rule analysis.

    2. Map of Geographic Regions [40 KB]

10. HB 2165 Requirements for Written Plans Rulemaking Update [30 KB]
                                                                                                      Ashley Probst and Peter Daugherty
Presents proposed final rule language for the rulemaking process  and results from internal and external outreach regarding requirements for when written plans near riparian management areas may be waived (House Bill 2165).
11. Emerging and Over Arching Issues Work Plan [27 KB]                                             Kevin Birch
Presents a draft Board work plan focused on Emerging and Over Arching Issues for Board review and discussion.
        1. Notes from October 2012 Board Retreat [58 KB]
        2. Emerging and Overarching Issues Work Plan [47 KB]