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Board of Forestry Meeting: September 4


Meeting Details

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Oregon Department of Forestry
State Forester's Headquarters
Tillamook Conference Room
2600 State St. Building C
Salem, Oregon 97310

9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Agenda [36 KB]

​Meeting Audio

Item 1 and Consent Agenda, State Forester and Board Member Comments [10 MB, 21 min]
Item 2. Fire Season Update [19 MB, 41 min]
Item 3. Survey of Issues and Input [26 MB, 56 min]
Item 4. Implementation of Amended FLMCS [5 MB, 11 min]
Item 5. Subcommittee on Alternative FMP [19 MB, 41 min]
Item 6. Private Forests Compliance and Effectiveness Monitoring[20 MB, 43 min]
Item 7. Annual Forest Health Report 2012 [18 MB, 39 min]
Item 8. Discussion on Climate Change Issues [31 MB, 1 hour, 6 min]
Item 9. Subcommittee on Federal Forests [2 MB, 5 min]
Item 10. Department of Corrections Partnership [11 MB, 24 min] 

​Meeting Minutes and Attachments

Draft Meeting Minutes - September 4, 2013


(1) Public Comment, Ms. Boyd, Agenda Item 1A
(2) Board Handout, Memo from Director Pedersen, Agenda Item 1
(3) Presentation, Fires Season 2013 Update, Agenda Item 2
(4) Presentation, Preparation for the Planning Cycle, Agenda Item 3
(5) Presentation, Indicators of Sustainability, Agenda Item 3
(6) Presentation, Implementation of Amended FLMCS, Agenda Item 4
(7) Presentation, Alternative FMPs Timeline and Process, Agenda Item 5
(8) Handout, Flowchart on Timeline for Alternative Forest Management Plans, Agenda Item 5
(9) Presentation, Forest Practices Monitoring and Compliance Update, Agenda Item 6
(10) Presentation, Forest Health Highlights, Agenda Item 7
(11) Handout, Sudden Oak Death, Agenda Item 7
(12) Presentation, Northwest Climate Assessment Report, Agenda Item 8
(13) Handout, Oregon Global Warming Commission, Draft Report, Agenda Item 8
(14) Presentation, Department of Corrections South Fork Camp, Agenda Item 10

​Pre-Meeting Materials
Consent Agenda
Action and Information
1. State Forester and Board Member Comments [10 KB]                                                             
    A.  Public Comments [topics not on agenda] [19 KB]
2. Fire Season Update [15 KB]
Provides an update on the 2013 fire season. 
3. Survey of Issues and Input [27 KB]
Provides a survey of issues, polling information, indicator data, and stakeholder input to assist the Board in evaluating and setting priorities at its October workshop.
     2. Issue overview chart [136 KB]
Provides an update on the status of implementing the revised Forest Land Management Classification System, also referred to as Conservation Areas.
Provides an update on the process and timeline for developing alternate forest management plans for Northwest Oregon.
     1. Working Expedited Flow Chart [69 KB]
     2. Informal Checklist [30 KB]
Provides information on key monitoring topics, staffing changes and strategic planning. 
Provides an overview of the major insects, diseases, and other damaging agents affecting Oregon forests in 2012 (ORS 527.335) including an update on sudden oak death in Curry County.
Presentations from Angus Duncan, Global Warming Commission Chair; Phil Mote, Director of Climate Change Research Institute; and Andrew Yost, Forest Ecologist with the Department of Forestry.
Provides an update on the ongoing work performed by the Subcommittee on Federal Forests.
Provides an overview of the working partnership between the Department of Forestry and Department of Corrections.