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Board of Forestry Meeting: November 13-14

​Meeting Details
Oregon Board of Forestry – Public Meeting
Oregon Department of Forestry - State Forester’s Headquarters
Building C – Tillamook Room
2600 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310
The Board of Forestry will meet in Executive Session on November 13, 2013 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. for the purpose of conducting the State Forester’s Annual Performance Review (ORS 192.660(2)(i)).
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Agenda [34 KB] 


​Audio Files

Item 1. Consent Agenda, State Forester and Board Member Comments [12.5 MB, 27 min]
Item 2. Department of Forestry Fiscal Report [6.4 MB, 14 min]
Item 3. Subcommittee on Federal Forests [16.1 MB, 35 min]
Item 4. Part 1 Riparian Protection Rule Analysis [15.3 MB, 33 min]
Item 4. Part 2 Riparian Rule Analysis Continued [21.3 MB, 46 min]
Item 5. Smoke Management Program Rulemaking [7 MB, 15 min]
Item 6. 2013 Fire Season Update [16.9 MB, 37 min]
Item 7. Special Forest Product Rulemaking [5.20 MB, 11 min]
Item 8. Subcommittee on Alternative Forest Management Plans [8.73 MB, 19 min]
Item 9. Performance Measure Report [12.5 MB, 27 min]
Item 10. State Forests Research and Monitoring Report [17.3 MB, 37 min] 


​Meeting Minutes and Attachments

November 14, 2013 Draft Minutes [157 KB]

(1) Public Comment, Mike Newton, Agenda Item 1A [1 MB]
(2) Public Comment, Tom Partin, Agenda Item 3 [1.4 MB]
(3) Presentation, Systematic Review Findings & Rule Alternatives Development, Agenda Item 4 [1.6 MB]
(4) Board Member Comments, Gary Springer, Agenda Item 4 [518 KB]
(5) Public Comment, Mary Scurlock, Agenda Item 4 [2.2 MB]
(6) Presentation, Oregon Smoke Management Plan, Agenda Item 5 [1.4 MB]
(7) Presentation, 2013 Fire Season, Agenda Item 6 [1.3 MB]
(8) Handout, 2013 Fire Season One-pager, Agenda Item 6
(9) Presentation, Roseburg Forest Products Post Douglas Complex Fire, Agenda Item 6 [2 MB]
(10) Handout, Douglas Complex Preliminary Vegetation Mortality, Agenda Item 6 [1.2 MB]
(11) Presentation, Special Forest Products Rulemaking Associated with HB2615, Agenda Item 7 [941 KB]
(12) Presentation, Subcommittee on Alternative Forest Management Plans, Agenda Item 8 [1.4 MB]
(13) Presentation, 2011/2012 Performance Measure Report, Agenda Item 9 [1.4 MB]
(14) Presentation, State Forests Research and Monitoring Annual Report – 2011-2013, Agenda Item 10 [6.6 MB]


​Pre-Meeting Materials
Thursday, November 14, 2013
The matters under the Consent Agenda will be considered in one block.  Any Board member may request removal of any item from the consent agenda.  Items removed for separate discussion will be considered after approval of the consent agenda.  Public comment will not be taken on consent agenda items.
Consent Agenda
        1. ORS 477.406 [11 KB]
        2. OAR 629-041-0100 [18 KB]
        1. 2014 Oregon Board of Forestry Work Plan Items [59 KB]
Action and Information
1. State Forester and Board Member Comments                                                
      A.  Public Comments
2. Department of Forestry Fiscal Report [78 KB] 
Provides an update on the current financial status of the agency. 
        1. 2011-2013 Financial Dashboard [247 KB]
        2. 2013 -2015 Financial Dashboard [308 KB]
3. Subcommittee on Federal Forests [25 KB]
Presents an update from the Federal Forests Subcommittee and a draft action plan for review.   
       1. Draft Actions Document [805 KB] 
4. Riparian Protection Rule Analysis – Presentation of Systematic Review and Associated Geographic Regions Extent [47 KB] 
Presents a report of the Systematic Review of studies assessing the effectiveness of different riparian buffer types at protecting cold water or shade.
       1. Excerpts from Effectiveness of riparian buffers at protecting stream temperature and shade in Pacific Northwest Forests: A systematic review. Final Report. September 2013. [665 KB]
       2. Map of Oregon Forest Practices Geographic Regions (OAR 629-635-0220) [151 KB]
5. Smoke Management Program Rulemaking [30 KB]
Seeks permission from the Board to enter into rulemaking on recommended changes to the administrative rules associated with the Smoke Management Program.
        1. ODF/DEQ proposed rule changes to OAR 629-048 [117 KB]
6. 2013 Fire Season Update [15 KB]
Provides an overview of the 2013 Fire Season trends and statistics and opportunity to hear from some of the landowners impacted.
7. Special Forest Product Rulemaking [23 KB]
Requests Board approval to initiate rulemaking on special forest products as required by HB 2615 (2013 Legislative Session).
       1. House Bill 2615 [542 KB]
       2. Timeline for rulemaking process [94 KB]
Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee (FTLAC) Update Tim Josi, FTLAC Chair
8. Subcommittee on Alternative Forest Management Plans [29 KB] 
Provides an update from the Subcommittee on Alternative Forest Management Plans.
        1. Flow Chart [63 KB]
        3. Informal Checklist [33 KB]
9. State Forests Performance Measure Report [41 KB]
Provides a review of the biennial report from the State Forests Division on Board of Forestry Performance Measures on State Forests.
10. State Forests Monitoring Report [20 KB]
Provides an update on the status and implications of monitoring State Forest Strategies.