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Klamath Forest Protective Association
The Klamath Forest Protective Association is a non-profit organization that represents all private forest landowners in the Klamath-Lake District.
Established in 1908, as Klamath-Lake Counties Forest Fire Association, later in 1922 the name became Klamath Forest Protective Association (KFPA). KFPA was responsible for fire suppression and other fire protection activities on private land. At that time, Associations were created to handle forest fire suppression in the State of Oregon.
Over time, many Associations began turning their firefighting responsibilities over to the state. In 1975, KFPA transferred its firefighting duties by signing a cooperative agreement with the Oregon Department of Forestry.  KFPA, today continues to work closely with the District Forester , providing advice and direction in the general operation of the District´s Fire Protection program. Members also provide critical input and must approve the annual Protection operating budget.
KFPA works hard to make positive contributions to the local community through it´s various programs. In addition to protection of private forest and range resources from wildfires, KFPA also has the following objectives.
  •  To preserve the private forests of Klamath and Lake counties for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing timber and forage production.
  •  To protect private forest and range resources from loss by insect and disease attacks.
  •  To enlist the aid of other organizations in accomplishing such objectives.
KFPA´s members collectively own and manage a total of 849,729 acres of private land in the District. Members elect a 13-member board of directors each year, who volunteer a great deal of time handling the Association´s affairs and working on various related committees. KFPA also promotes and sponsors forest fire prevention education for children, recognizing that our key to success in the future lies with them.
Klamath Forest Protective Association
Klamath-Lake Counties Forest Fire Association organized.
"The first forest fire protection association in Oregon"
Jackson "Jack" Kimball first Secretary/Treasurer employed as timber cruiser and representative for Weyerhaeuser Land Company, and represented the C.C. Yawkey property.
Weyerhaeuser  Co. provided major leadership in the formation of the Association.
First office of the Klamath-Lake Counties Forest Fire Association was located in
Jack Kimball´s home near the Link River. A large fireplace still remains on the property.
Jack Kimball actively involved with legislation that created a new State Board of Forestry, a State Forester, and a State Forestry Department.
Insect infestation were a primary concern for forest landowners.
Thirty Thousand acres of bug killed timber was identified, mostly lodgepole pine.
Association became incorporated under name of Klamath Forest Protective Association.
(KFPA), Jack Kimball elected as Sec./Treas., and General Manager.
Fire suppression, and Insect eradication continued as priority of KFPA.
Charles Ogle succeeds Jack Kimball as Sec./Treas., and General Manager.
Charles Ogle resigns to become Executive Secretary of "Keep Oregon Green Association"
An earlier "Stop Forest Fire Association" had been initiated by Jack Kimball at Klamath Falls in early 1920´s.  Hal Ogle and Walt Wisendanger were credited with getting the Klamath Falls American Legion post interested in a Stop Forest Fires program.
Hal Ogle succeeds his brother Charles as Sec./Treas. of KFPA.
KFPA´s new office, warehouse and pump house completed at current location of Klamath-Lake District Headquarters
George Wardell hired as Assistant District Warden of KFPA.
George Wardell promoted to District Warden, following Hal Ogle´s retirement.
In June  this year, the District began the use of aircraft in fire suppression, believed to be among the earliest water drops by aircraft in Oregon.  A base is established at Kingsley Field for mixing fire retardant for PBY aircraft. This may have been the first aerial fire retardant base in Oregon.
State Forester, this year proposed anew state protection district for Klamath Indian tribal lands. KFPA resisted this development.
A new supplemental contract with the State signed, providing for KFPA protection of private lands previously within the Klamath Agency Fire District.
State-KFPA Reverse Contract became effective July 1., State Forestry Department assumed responsibility for field operations as the contractor for KFPA. KFPA retains corporate entity and structure, monitors closely annual budgets, and general operations of the Klamath-Lake District.