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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS Data
GIS data layers 

Spatial Data

GIS Data Export is a new page that allows ODF to distribute current data quickly and easily.  The mapping interface allows you to create an area of interest, where you can choose the area where you want the data, and then download the data.  This data is the most current data that we have, and is updated daily.  More data sets will be available on this page soon. 

To download datasets for the entire state, use this link: 

A interactive map that shows the footprints of all of the protection maps, and lets you download the PDF of the map you choose.
Please contact Emmor Nile for questions regarding ODF GIS Data at 503-945-7418.

LocatOR logo
Locate places in Oregon through an interactive map
The New Oregon Latitude and Longitude Locator LocatOR  
LocateOR is an application that will allow users to locate places in Oregon using a place name, a latitude and longitude, a legal description (township and range), a highway milepost or UTM coordinates. 
Locate OR is built using ESRI’s ArcGIS Web Server technology, and SilverLight.  Similar to OLALO, LocatOR allows users to quickly find geographic locations in Oregon and then display a variety of GIS data about that location, including: aerial photography; USGS quad maps; roads, streams; etc., as well as data unique to ODF, such as fire protection district boundaries.
Custom features of the application include:
  • Location information derived from a point that you click on the map is automatically entered into the clipboard, so it can be pasted into an email, or other document. 
  • Specific information about VOR’s can be copied to the clipboard in the same manner.  
  • Bookmark and measuring tools. 
  • Oregon’s Forest BioDiversity Explorer. For a demo of this feature, watch this web video demonstration.
LocatOR was built to replace OLALO.
If you have questions or problems with LocatOR, please contact Chris Bradberry at 503-945-7313

GIS Information
Oregon highlighted in red on the world globe.
What is GIS?
A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an organized collection of personnel, geographic data, computer hardware, and software designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, distribute, and display all forms of geographically referenced information. 
A GIS can also be described by the complexity and types of questions that the system can answer.  They are: location, conditions, trends, patterns, and modeling.  Location has to do what the question of what is at a specific location. Conditions are the result of a query to find locations that meet specific criteria.  Trends are the differences in a location over time.  Patterns show the relationship of conditions to each other.  Modeling is a way of answering "what if" questions using complex and varied data.

Statewide Oregon Coordinate System Information

Oregon Lambert Coordinate System

GIS Services We Provide 

GIS Analysis for:
  • Communities at Risk -- fire protection
  • Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Wildland Urban Interface
  • Stewardship Analysis Projects
Fire Protection Maps:
  • Small scale detailed maps of ODF Protection Districts

Fire Mapping:
  • ODF has the equipment and personnel to provide mapping services for emergency services on a statewide, or national team.

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