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Deschutes County Forestland Classification

Deschutes CountyForestland classification is a process by which a committee studies all lands within the fire protection district boundary to determine which lands are "forestland." Once lands have been determined to meet the definition of forestland (ORS 526.005(5)(a)), they are further classified as lands primarily suitable for timber production, grazing use, or a combination of the two. See the below definition of "forestland."
  Oregon Department of Forestry
"Forestland" means any woodland, brushland, timberland, grazing land or clearing that, during any time of the year, contains enough forest growth, slashing or vegetation to constitute, in the judgment of the forester, a fire hazard, regardless of how the land is zoned or taxed. 
A committee has been formed through an agreement with Deschutes County. According to State Statute, one representative was appointed by the State Forester, one appointed by Oregon State University Extension Service, one appointed by the State Fire Marshall, and three members appointed by each County Commission.  ODF is also working collaboratively with the fire districts on this effort and have their support on reviewing the land classification in the County.
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Why Is Classification Done?Deschutes FLC
The Forestland Classification process is done to improve the accuracy and equity of the Fire Patrol Assessment to ensure the appropriate acres are being assessed for protection from wildland fire. For some landowners this process will create a change for several reasons. The differences in the accuracy of the mapping technology in the 1960’s (the last time Deschutes County classification was completed) and today is enough to create small changes even if the timber and grazing lands are exactly as they were in the 1960’s. Other reasons include, land use changes since the last classification designation, areas that may have been assigned the wrong classification and potential data entry errors.



















Committee and Meetings Deschutes FLC

Meeting information will be updated based on the committee's activity and schedule.  Normally, Forestland Classification Committee meetings occur every month and are open to the public.  All committee members attempt to attend each meeting, but at least four members must attend to form a quorum.  
Public Meetings will be held to explain the process the Committee went through to classify lands, and answer any questions about the process.  A Public Hearing, which occurs near the end of the process, will provide an opportunity for landowners to offer testimony on the classification and the Committee may make changes at that time.

Next Committee Meeting:

Meetings have been put on hold until Fall




Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Classification Committee Members

Central Oregon District Contacts Deschutes FLC
Although a committee has been formed through an agreement with Deschutes County, which the Oregon Department of Forestry relies on to determine land classification, we are also active participants and able to answer any questions that you may have about the classification process and results. 
This process is transparent and open, which means the Oregon Department of Forestry will answer any and all questions concerning the committee’s elected offices, by-laws and the overall process.  Minutes are recorded and available via the above links.  Meeting times and locations will be advertised in advance and each meeting is open to the public.
Please feel free to use the below phone and email options to contact us.