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Board of Forestry Meeting: March 7, 2012
Meeting Details
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Oregon Board of Forestry - Public Business Meeting
State Forester's Headquarters
2600 State Street
Building C - Tillamook Room
Salem, Oregon
8:30 - 4:15 pm
March 7 Agenda [37 KB]

Audio Files
Consent and Item 1 Welcome, Consent AGenda, State Forester and Board Member Comments, Public Comments [11 MB, 24 min.]
Item 2 Part 1 Fire Protection Funding Committee [14 MB, 31 min.]
Item 2 Part 2 Fire Protection Funding Committee cont. [14 MB, 31 min.]
Item 3 Improving State Forests Performance Measures [14 MB, 30 min.]
Item 4 Exploring Conservation Areas [19 MB, 42 min.]
Item 5 Restoration and Collaboration on Federal Forests [13 MB, 28 min.]
Item 6 2013 Legislative Concept Update [3 MB, 7 min.]
Item 7 Board Strategic Planning [11 MB, 23 min.]
Item 8 Integrated Water Resources Strategy [15 MB, 11 min.]
Item 9 Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee Comments [5 MB, 11 min.]
Item 10 Forest Health - Human Health Initiative [25 MB, 54 min.]

Meeting Minutes and Attachments
March 7, 2012
Meeting Minutes - March 7, 2012 [108 KB]  
1. Public Comment submitted prior to meeting, Kevin Dean, Agenda Item 1A [570 KB]
2. Presentation, 10-Year Plan for Oregon Project, Agenda Item 1 [722 KB]
3. Public Comment, Mary Scurlock, Agenda Item 1A [394 KB]
4. Presentation, Protection Division Report and Recommendation, Agenda Item 2 [893 KB]
5. Public Comment, Lee Fledderjohann, Agenda Item 2 [419 KB]
6. Public Comment, Mike Dykzeul, OFIC, Agenda Item 2[468 KB]
7. Public Comment, Kenneth Cummings, Agenda Item 2 [2.5 MB]
8. Presentation, State Forests Performance Measures Improvement Update, Agenda Item 3 [971 KB]
9. Presentation, Exploring Conservation Areas on State Forests, Agenda Item 4 [389 KB]
10. Revised Attachment, 2013 Legislative Concept Overview and Status, Agenda Item 6 [229 KB]
11. Handout, Strategic Planning Process, Agenda Item 7 [293 KB]
12. Presentation, Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy, Agenda Item 8 [732 KB]
13. Handout, Integrated Water Resources Strategy Discussion Draft, Agenda Item 8 [6.5 MB]
14. Handout, Integrated Water Resources Strategy Framework, Agenda Item 8 [239 KB]
15. Handout, The Forest Health-Human Health Initiative, Agenda Item 10[456 KB]
16. Presentation, Forest Health-Human Health Initiative, Agenda Item 10 [2.1 MB]

Pre-Meeting Materials
Wednesday, March 7, 2012: Public Business Meeting
Consent Agenda
Item A.  January 4 Meeting Minutes – WP0, IBI5   
Item B.  Eastern Lane Forest Land Protection Agreement [27 KB] – WP0, IBI1 
          1. ORS 477.406 [10 KB]
          2. OAR 629-041-0100 [17 KB]
          3. Forestland Protection Agreement - Eastern Lane FPA [1.8 MB]
Item C.  Gilchrist State Forest Land Acquisition [21 KB]– WP2, IBI4    
Item D.  Request for Modification of Harvest Unit Acreage Limitation for the Trask Watershed Study [27 KB] – WP6, IBI1    
          1. Board of Forestry Research Modification Request: Trask Watershed Study [10 KB]
Item E.  Approval of Agency Director Financial Transactions [23 KB] – WP0, IBI1 
          1. State Forester's Travel Claims Summary, Fiscal Year 2011 [25 KB]
          2. State Forester's Leave Usage/Leave Payoff Summary, Fiscal Year 2011 [26 KB]
Action and Information

Item 1. State Forester and Board Member Comments [35 KB] - WP0, IBI6 
         1.A.  Public Comments [39 KB]
Item 2. Fire Protection Funding Challenges and Opportunities [38 KB]
An update from the Fire Protection Funding Committee on methods to address fire costs and severity funding levels, particularly in the state’s highest fire areas. The results of this committee’s work will influence development of legislative concepts for the 2013 session. WP7, IBI0
          1. Outreach Brochure [728 KB]
          2. Overview of the Fire Protection Funding Concept [90 KB]         
          3. Current Protection Funding Structure [80 KB]
Item 3. Improving State Forests Performance Measures [21 KB]
Staff will engage the Board in discussion and seek direction about improvement of performance measures that can inform current and future state forest management strategies. WP2, IBI5
Item 4. Exploring Conservation Areas on State Forests [63 KB]
Discussion on a range of possible definitions developed from discussions with stakeholders, accounting of current areas that meet these definitions, and options for making these areas more visible and/or permanent.  WP2, IBI11

Item 5. Restoration and Collaboration on Federal Forests [12 KB]
Building on conversations started with the Board during its tour of the Red Zone in Lakeview last year, USFS Regional Forester Kent Connaughton will brief the Board on recently funded restoration and collaboration projects in eastern Oregon, and consider strategies for further state-federal cooperation. WP0, IBI3

Item 6. 2013 Legislative Concept Update [18 KB]
Presents the Board with an update to the status of the 2013 Legislative Concepts. WP1, IBI4
          1. 2013 Legislative Concepts - Summary List [21 KB]                         

Item 7. Board Strategic Planning [28 KB]
Review and discussion of recommended improvements and simplifications to the Board’s overall work planning framework, following the January 17th workshop.WP1, IBI4 
           1. Board of Forestry Work Planning Process [74 KB]
           2. 2012 Oregon Board of Forestry Work Plan Items [59 KB]
Item 8. Integrated Water Resources Strategy [102 KB]
Presentation to the Board from the Director of the Oregon Water Resources Department and Chair of the Oregon Water Resources Commission on a strategy that identifies current and future actions to meet Oregon’s water needs, now and in the future. WP0, IBI3  
Item 9. Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee (FTLAC) Comments
Presentation to the Board from Tillamook County Commissioner and Chair of the Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee regarding State Forests topics. WP0, IBI3  

Item 10. Forest Health – Human Health Initiative [20 KB]
Guest presentation by Catherine Mater of the Pinchot Institute on an innovative program in Northwest Oregon to utilize carbon offset payments from family forestlands to fund the healthcare needs of forestland owners, their families and their local communities.WP0, IBI3 
           1. The Forest Health-Human Health Initiative Model [131 KB]
Board Work Plans and Intermediate Board Issues are referenced on the agenda as WP_, IBI_. Links to current Board Work Plans can be found on the Board's website at www.oregonforestry.gov