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Board of Forestry Meeting: April 29, 2011
Meeting Details
Friday, April 29, 2011
Oregon Department of Forestry
State Forester's Headquarters - Tillamook Room
2600 State Street, Salem, Oregon
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Board of Forestry, April 29 Agenda [69 KB]
Note: All files are in PDF formation unless otherwise noted.

Audio Files
Item 1 Consent Agenda, Opening Comments [19 MB, 42 min.]
Item 2 Part 1 Elliott State Forest Management Plan [27 MB, 1 hour]
Item 2 Part 2 Elliott State Forest Management Plan [13 MB, 29 min.]
Item 3 Part 1 Institute for Natural Resources [22 MB, 48 min.]
Item 3 Part 2 Institute for Natural Resources [22 MB, 48 min.]
Item 4 West Oregon District Assessment Appeals [17 MB, 37 min.]
Item 5 Public Comments on Forestry Program for Oregon [14 MB, 30 min.]
Item 6 Pesticide Workshop Phase II Introduction [11 MB, 11 min.]
Item 6.2. A-B-C's of Forest Vegetation Management, Bruce Alber [13 MB, 14 min.]
Item 6.3. Pesticide Risk Assessment, Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins [6.52 MB, 14 min.]
Item 6.4. Pesticide Drift Reduction, Dr. George Ice [14 MB, 31 min.]
Item 6.5. Pesticide Exposure - Health Implications, Dr. Dana Barr [9.6 MB, 20 min.]
Item 6.6. Drift in Oregon's Coastal Mountains, Stuart Turner [9.45 MB, 20 min.]
Item 6.7. Pesticide Applications-Tribal Perspective, Stan van de Wetering [4.86 MB, 10 min.]
Item 6.8. Human Rights Dimensions, Tom Kerns [2.33 MB, 5 min.]
Item 6.9. Request for Actions in Regards to Herbicides, Day Owen [5.16 MB, 11 min.]
Item 6.10. Public Comments, Various Speakers [15 MB, 33 min.]
Item 6.10. Continued, Staff Comments [236 KB, 30 sec.]
Item 6.11. Board Discussion [5.1 MB, 11 min.]

Meeting Minutes and Attachments
April 29, 2011
Meeting Minutes - April 29, 2011 [116 KB]
1. Public comments submitted prior to meeting, Various authors, Agenda Item 6 [2.1 MB]
2. Staff Handout, Historical Forest Development Fund Ending, Agenda Item 1 [1.1 MB]
3. Public Comment Handout, Wayne Giesy, Frank Lumber Co., Inc., Agenda Item 1A [246 KB]
4. Staff Presentation, Elliott State Forest Planning Update, Agenda Item 2 [1.2 MB]
5. Public Comment Handout, Josh Laughlin, Agenda Item 2 [303 KB]
6. Public Comment Handout, Cascadia Wildlands, Agenda Item 2 [297 KB]
7. Public Comment Handout, Bob Van Dyk (ODFW Comment), Agenda Item 2 [408 KB]
8. Presentation, Institute for Natural Resources, Agenda Item 3 [1.2 MB]
9. Public Comment Handout, Association of Northwest Steelheaders, Agenda Item 3 [276 KB]
10. Public Comment Handout, Sierra Club, Agenda Item 3 [312 KB]
11. Testimony, Amy Hartner-Strader, Agenda Item 4 [298 KB]
12. Testimony, Eugene Braun, Agenda Item 4 [258 KB]
13. Public Comment Handout, Spencer Peterson, Agenda Item 4 [284 KB]
14. Presentation, Forest Vegetation Control, Bruce Alber, Agenda Item 6 [13.6 MB]
15. Presentation, Pesticide Risk Assessment, Jeffrey Jenkins, Agenda Item 6 [1.2 MB]
16. Presentation, Research to Reduce Drift, Dr. George Ice, Agenda Item 6 [7.4 MB]
17. Presentation, Pesticide Exposures, Dr. Dana Barr, Agenda Item 6 [2.8 MB]
18. Presentation, Potential Off-target Pesticide Movement, Stuart Turner, Agenda Item 6 [2.3 MB]
19. Presentation, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, Stan van de Wetering, Agenda Item 6 [420 KB]
20. Public Comment Handout, Human Rights Assessment, Agenda Item 6 [1 MB]
21. Presentation, Failure to Practice.., Day Owen, Agenda Item 6 [2.7 MB]
22. Public Comment Handout, Day Owen, Agenda Item 6 [434 KB]
23. Public Comment Handout, Audrey Moore, Agenda Item 6 [410 KB]
24. Public Comment Handout, Ray Wilberg, Agenda Item 6 [309 KB]
25. Public Comment Handout, Tally Patton, Agenda Item 6 [922 KB]
26. Public Comment Handout, 2, 4-D, Maya Gee, Agenda Item 6 [664 KB]
27. Public Comment Handout, Atrazine, Maya Gee, Agenda Item 6 [1.9 MB]
28. Public Comment Handout, Book – Seasonal and spatial variability…, Agenda Item 6
29. Public Comment Handout, Book – The Pesticide Conspiracy, Agenda Item 6
30. Public Comment Handout, Book – Pesticides: A Toxic Time Bomb, Agenda Item 6
31. Public Comment Handout, Eron King, Agenda Item 6 [890 KB]
32. Public Comment Handout, Lynn Bowers, Agenda Item 6 [262 KB]
33. Public Comment Handout, John Sundquist, Agenda Item 6 [266 KB]
34. Public Comment Handout, Lisa Arkin, Oregon Toxics Alliance, Agenda Item 6 [3.4 MB]
35. Public Comment Handout, Carolyn Ashlock and Warren Trotter, Agenda Item 6 [264 KB]
36. Public Comment Handout, B.A. Grodhaus, Agenda Item 6 [837 KB]
37. Public Comment Handout, Dr. Paul Adams, Society of American Foresters, Agenda Item 6 [363 KB]
38. Public Comment Handout, Jim James, OSWA, Agenda Item 6 [257 KB]
39. Public Comment Handout, Gilbert Shibley, Agenda Item 6 [261 KB]
40. Public comments received after Board meeting, Various authors, Agenda Items 2 and 6 [364 KB]

Pre-Meeting Materials
Friday, April 29, 2011: Public Business Meeting
Consent Agenda
Item A. November 5 Meeting Minutes - WP0, IBI5 
Item B. January 5 Meeting Minutes - WP0, IBI5    
Item C. March 9 Meeting Minutes - WP0, IBI5    
Item D. March 10 Meeting Minutes - WP0, IBI5    
Item E. Final Order – Edward Horceny, dba Horceny Logging Co. [23 KB] – WP0, IBI8 
              1. Proposed Final Order [76 KB]
              2. Respondent Exhibit (R1) [431 KB]
              3. Agency Exhibits (Cover Letter, Exhibits A1-A22) [5.3 MB]  
Item F. 2011 Board Governance – Self-Evaluation Initiation [23 KB] – WP1, IBI2    
              1. Best Practices Performance Self-Evaluation Input Form [42 KB]
              2. Summary of 2010 Board Member Responses [352 KB]  
Item G. Conservation Areas [34 KB] – WP2, IBI10 
              1. Schematic of authority, decisions, and examples [79 KB]
              2. Conservation Authority Backgrounder [55 KB]   
Item H. Marbled Murrelet Information [66 KB] – WP0, IBI3 
Action and Information
Item 1. State Forester and Board Member Comments [10 KB] - WP0, IBI6 
         A.  Public Comments [19 KB] 
Item 2. Draft Rules for the Elliott State Forest Management Plan [43 KB] - WP2, IBI7 
Requests approval to begin the administrative rule process and public review of the Elliott State Forest Management Plan and associated documents.                               

Item 3. Results of Institute for Natural Resources Review [24 KB] - WP2, IBI6 
Presentation by the Institute for Natural Resources on the results of the scientific review. 
            1. Science Review of the Oregon Department of Forestry's Proposed Species of Concern Strategy and the Board of Forestry's State Forests Performance Measures [3.6 MB]
Item 4. Hearings and Proposed Final Orders [32 KB] - WP0, IBI8
Administrative hearings before the Board regarding West Oregon District assessment appeals. 
             1. Letters Requesting Appeals from Ms. Hartney-Strader and Mr. Braun [542 KB] 
             2. Letters Requesting Appeals from Other Seven Landowners [443 KB]           
             3. Proposed Hartney-Strader Final Order [37 KB] 
             4. Proposed Braun Final Order [22 KB] 
Item 5. Public Comments - Draft 2011 Forestry Program for Oregon [27 KB] - WP1, IBI1 
Presents a summary of the comments received on the draft 2011 Forestry Program for Oregon and recommended changes to the draft.
              1. 2011 Forestry Program for Oregon - October 2, 2010 Public Review Draft Public Comment Summary [117 KB]
              2. Organizations and individuals submitting comments during the comment period for the 2011 Forestry Program for Oregon [20 KB]
              3. Full, original text of all the comments received to the 2011 Forestry Program for Oregon during the public comment period.
                  3.1. Agencies and Private Organizations A [6.5 MB]
                  3.2. Private Organizations B [3.1 MB]
                  3.3. Individuals A [994 KB]
                  3.4. Individuals B [7.8 MB]
                  3.5. Individuals C [1.5 MB]
                  3.6. Public Meetings [820 KB]
               4. March 17, 2011 Recommended Department of Forestry staff edits to the draft 2011 Forestry Program for Oregon [920 KB]
Item 6.  Pesticide Workshop Phase II  [45 KB] - WP6, IBI1   
Second phase of a two-part workshop designed to create a greater understanding of the Board of Forestry’s authority, roles, responsibilities, and relationships regarding pesticide policy.  
              1. Forest Pesticide Use: Board of Forestry Authorities and the Chemical and Other Petroleum Product Rules [37 KB]
              2. Board of Forestry Principles Guiding the Review and Revision of the Forest Practices Chemical Rules 1995 [20 KB]
Pesticide Workshop Phase II
* Item 1. Workshop background & objectives
Private Forests Work Plan 6, IBI 1 Overall FPA Rule Enforcement Policy Review
Goal: Create an opportunity for the Board to hear presentations by non-agency experts on the effectiveness of current policies and strategies related to pesticides, public testimony, and to have a discussion on current policy. 

*Item 2. The A-B-C’s of Forest Vegetation Management and Why Use Herbicides - Bruce Alber, BS in Forest Resource Management; Certified Forester 32 years experience specializing in forest vegetation management.
*Item 3. An Overview of Pesticide Risk Assessment and Management - Jeffrey Jenkins, Ph.D., Professor Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Dept., Oregon State University; Principle Investigator for the National Pesticide Information Center and the Extension Toxicology Network; PARC Board Technical Advisor. 
*Item 4. Pesticide Drift Reduction Technology, Monitoring and Research - George Ice, Ph.D., National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Professional Hydrologist; Certified Forester; Registered Professional Forester (Calif.) 
*Item 5. Pesticide exposure and its potential health implications: are we adequately protecting our children? - Dana Boyd Barr, Ph.D., Research Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, Emory University, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.
*Item 6. How Aerial Sprayed Pesticide Drift in Oregon's Coastal Mountains is Occurring and the Evidence that it is More Widespread than Industry Admits. - Stuart Turner, Forensic Agronomist.
*Item 7. Pesticide Applications in Commercial Forests: A Tribal Perspective.  Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. - Stan van de Wetering, Fisheries Biologist, Aquatics Program Leader, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians.
*Item 8. Human Rights Dimensions of Forestry Pesticide Applications. What human rights are. How human rights norms apply to forestry pesticide applications. - Tom Kerns, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, North Seattle Community College; Executive Director, Environment and Human Rights Advisory
*Item 9. Request for Specific Actions by the Board of Forestry in Regard to Herbicides. - Day Owen, Pitchfork Rebellion. 
Item 10. Public Comment.     
Item 11. Board of Forestry Discussion. - Next Steps.

Times listed on the agenda are approximate.  At the discretion of the Chair, the time and order of agenda items may change to maintain meeting flow.  The Board will hear public testimony [*excluding marked items] and engage in discussion before proceeding to the next item.  * A single asterisk preceding the item number marks a work session.  Public testimony/comment will not be accepted. Board Work Plans and Intermediate Board Issues are referenced on the agenda as WP_,IBI_. Links to current Board Work Plans can be found on the Board’s website at www.oregonforestry.gov