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Board of Forestry Meeting: January 4, 2012
Meeting Details
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Oregon Board of Forestry - Public Meeting
State Forester's Headquarters
2600 State Street
Building C - Tillamook Room
Salem, Oregon
8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
January 4 Agenda [35 KB]

Audio Files
Consent and Item 1 Welcome, Consent Agenda, State Forester and Board Member Comments, Public Comments [15 MB, 32 min.]
Item 2 Department of Forestry Fiscal Report [5 MB, 12 min.]
Item 3 2013 Legislative Concept Development [11 MB, 25 min.]
Item 4 2013-15 Agency Request Budget Development [10 MB, 23 min.]
Item 5 Part 1 Riparian Protection Standards [21 MB, 46 min.]
Item 5 Part 2 Riparian Protection Standards cont. [21 MB, 46 min.]
Item 6 Part 1 Oregon Forest Biological Diversity [16 MB, 34 min.]
Item 6 Part 2 Oregon Forest Biological Diversity cont. [16 MB, 34 min.]
Item 7 Greatest Permanent Value Administrative Rule [5 MB, 5 min.]
Item 8 State Forests 2012 Proposed Board Work Plan [9 MB, 19 min.]
Closing Comments [528 KB, 1 min.]

Meeting Minutes and Attachments
January 4, 2012
Meeting Minutes - January 4, 2012 [91 KB]
1. Public Comment submitted prior to meeting, Craig Patterson, Agenda Items 6 and 7 [259 KB]
2. Public Comment submitted prior to meeting, Pam Birmingham, Agenda Item 5 [269 KB]
3. Board Member Handout, 2012 Starker Lecture Series, Agenda Item 1 [391 KB]
4. Public Comment, John Sundquist, Agenda Item 1A [236 KB]
5. Presentation, Board Authorities in Riparian Protection Standards, Agenda Item 5 [1 MB]
6. Public Comment, OFIC, Agenda Item 5 [350 KB]
7. Presentation, Indicator E.c., Agenda Item 6 [346 KB]
8. Public Comment, Audubon Society, Agenda Item 6 [321 KB]
9. Presentation, State Forests Work Plan, Agenda Item 8 [961 KB]

Pre-Meeting Materials
Wednesday, January 4, 2012: Public Business Meeting
Consent Agenda

Item A. November 3 Meeting Minutes – WP0, IBI5    
Item B. Decertification of Common School Forest Land Parcels [16 KB] – WP2, IBI4 
         1. Vicinity Map [2.1 MB]
         2. Resolution and Order  [16 KB]
Action and Information
Item 1. State Forester and Board Member Comments [10 KB] - WP0, IBI6 
        A.  Public Comments [19 KB] [topics not on agenda]
Item 2. Department of Forestry Fiscal Report  [20 KB]     
Presents information on the current financial status of the agency. WP0, IBI3

          1. Financial Dashboard [259 KB]
Item 3. Principles and Guidance for 2013 Legislative Concept Development [33 KB]
Requests adoption of Department of Forestry Leadership Team recommendations of principles and guidance for 2013 legislative concept development. WP1, IBI4

Item 4. Principles and Guidance for 2013-15 Agency Request Budget Development [23 KB]
Requests adoption of Department of Forestry Leadership Team recommendations of principles and guidance for 2013-15 Agency Budget Request development. WP1, IBI5 
         1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis Table [51 KB]
         2. 2013-15 Budget Development Guiding Principles [43 KB]
Item 5. Board Authorities in Riparian Protection Standards [54 KB]
Presents a review of the Board’s duties and powers for rules; the types of rules, procedure, necessary findings, and rule analysis; and  the relationship between rules for maintaining water quality and rule analysis. Requests the Board’s decision to move forward with rule analysis on two topics: riparian protection standards for small and medium fish streams and waiver of written plans for operations near riparian management areas. WP6, IBI1

          1. Workshop Summary: Decision Making Process Considerations Regarding Best Management Practices for Water Quality under the Oregon Forest Practices Act [19 KB]
          2. Proceedings of the Oregon Board of Forestry Workshop: Decision Making Process Considerations Regarding Best Management Practices for Water Quality under the Oregon Forest Practices Act. Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University, December 2005 [383 KB]
         3. Water Quality and Forest Practices, excerpt from the January 2011 Water Quality Issues Paper Summary [25 KB]
         4. Regulation of Water Quality and Forest Practices. Briefing for the Oregon Board of Forestry, September 7, 2004. Ian Whitlock, Senior Assistant AttorneyGeneral and Larry Knudsen, Senior Assistant Attorney General [291 KB]
         5. Selected Sections of the Forest Practices Act [36 KB]
         6. Legal Relationship Between ORS 527.765 and ORS 527.714 in Deciding Whether to Adopt BMP's Under the Oregon Forest Practice Act. Jas Jeffrey Adams, Assistant Attorney-In-Charge, Natural Resources Section. August 23, 2005. [948 KB]
*Executive Session
Item 6. Oregon Forest Biological Diversity [33 KB]
Presents a report that reviews the history of the Board’s biodiversity subcommittee, provides a brief overview of Indicator E.c.—Forest Plant and Animal Species at Risk, reports on the culmination of work to inventory the Board’s legal obligations to manage for biodiversity on state and private forestlands, and provides opportunity for Board discussion on further integration of biodiversity. WP0, IBI3   
          1. Biodiversity and Policy Responsibilities [50 KB]
          2. Summary of the History of the Term "Sound Management" in the Forest Practices Act [30 KB]
          3. Data Information and Reporting for Indicator E.c. - Forest Plant and Animal Species at Risk [486 KB] 
Item 7. Greatest Permanent Value Administrative Rule  [25 KB]     
The Board will consider affirming the current Greatest Permanent Value rule. WP2, IBI10 
Item 8. State Forests 2012 Proposed Board Work Plan [39 KB]
Board discussion and approval of the 2012 State Forests Board Work Plan.WP2, IBI0  

         1. Draft Board of Forestry Work Plan - Issue #2: State Forests [122 KB]
         2. Draft Work Plan Matrix identifying "intermediate board issues" [24 KB]
* Executive Session - Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(h), the Board will meet in Executive Session for the purpose of consulting with legal counsel.
Board Work Plans and Intermediate Board Issues are referenced on the agenda as WP_, IBI_. Links to current Board Work Plans can be found on the Board's website at www.oregonforestry.gov