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"Forestry Program for Oregon" (FPFO) - 2011 Edition
The Oregon Board of Forestry's Vision for Sustainability

The Forestry Program for Oregon is a central element of the Board of Forestry’s framework for strategic planning.  Strategic planning strengthens the Board’s ability to be an effective policy-maker in partnership with all Oregonians. The primary purposes of Board strategic planning are to:
  • Clearly define and communicate what the Board of Forestry is and what it does;
  • Establish the board’s fundamental guiding values and priorities;
  • Direct the Department of Forestry in implementation of the Board of Forestry goals and objectives in the Forestry Program for Oregon;
  • Focus resources and efforts on the most important issues and priorities that will promote and create the desired future;
  • Measure and report performance; and
  • Provide an improvement cycle that allows both the board and the department to make informed changes when necessary.
The Forestry Program for Oregon describes the Board’s mission, values, vision, goals, objectives, and indicators of sustainable forest management.  The Board’s mission statement establishes the overall purpose of the Board of Forestry.  Values identify the Board's guiding philosophies related to forestry.  The vision describes conditions the Board wants to establish, looking at a 20-year horizon.  The goals identify what the Board of Forestry wants to achieve over the next eight years.  Viewed together, the mission, values, vision, and goals describe the future the Board is striving to achieve.  In this context, the Board’s objectives are a set of short-term actions upon which it intends to focus its efforts.

The Oregon Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management measure specific quantitative and qualitative attributes, and help monitor trends in the sustainability of forest management over time.  The indicators, combined with the biennial Board issue scan process and Board Work Plans, all inform the Forestry Program for Oregon development and revision processes.
--From the Introduction to the "Forestry Program for Oregon" - 2011 Edition  

To find out more about the Forestry Program for Oregon - 2011 Edition:
Full text of the Forestry Program for Oregon - 2011 Edition [PDF; 76 pages; 1.4 MB]
Summary document - in development
HTML version - in development
Key Elements - in development

The Board is grateful for the considerable public input provided to help develop the Forestry Program for Oregon. Extensive input was received at the Board website, at Board meetings, and from public meetings and forums held across the state. 

Previous editions of the "Forestry Program for Oregon"
Previous editions of the Board of Forestry's Forestry Program for Oregon are available in electronic format for the 2003 and 1995 editions.
2003 Forestry Program for Oregon
     PDF [84 pages; 2.12 MB]
1995 Forestry Program for Oregon
     PDF 68 pages; 935 KB]
     MS Word [59 pages; 200 KB]
Print editions prior to 1995 of the Forestry Program for Oregon can be reviewed at the Forest History Center, located on the Oregon Department of Forestry's Salem Campus at 2600 State Street.

For more information . . .
For more information about the Forestry Program for Oregon, contact:
Forest Resources Planning Program
Oregon Department of Forestry
2600 State Street
Salem, OR  97310
PH: 503-945-7413
FAX: 503-945-7490