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Forest Grove District

District Office Contact Information

District Office:  (503) 357-2191

For information about Firewood Cutting:  (503) 359-7401 ext. 606

District Office Staff:

Mike Cafferata District Forester                                       (503) 357-2191
Wayne Auble  Assistant District Forester (503) 359-7449
Rebecca Edmison  Office Manager (503) 359-7429
Eric Perkins Protection Unit Forester (503) 359-7450
Randy Peterson  Recreation Unit Forester (503) 359-7470


The Forest Grove District also has a Unit office in Columbia City, located just off Highway 30.


The western portions of the Tillamook State Forest are managed by the 

Tillamook District Office 


Also See: Your State Forests - Tillamook Forest

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About the District

Forest Grove District Office
Forest Grove District Office

2014 Forest Grove Annual Report (PDF Format)

2013 Forest Grove Annual Report (PDF format)

 2012 Forest Grove Annual Report (PDF Format)

 2011 Forest Grove Annual Report (PDF format)  

Forest Grove District Map
The Forest Grove District is located within the North West Oregon Area.  The district manages the eastern portion of the Tillamook State Forest, ensures compliance with the Forest Practices Act on private timber land, and provides fire protection for state and private lands.  The district office is located in Forest Grove, and a Unit Office is located in Columbia City. Visit the Columbia City Unit homepage. 

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State Forest Management

District timber sales  

State Forest Management Program 
 Erik Marcy  Marketing  (503) 359-7432
 Mitch Taylor  Reforestation  (503) 359-7444
 Erin Olson  Forest Roads  (503) 359-7445

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Target shooting information

Due to high fire risk, the Oregon Department of Forestry is asking:

     Please do not shoot after 1 pm.

      Bring fire equipment – a shovel is required, along with either a fire extinguisher       or a gallon of water.

     Place your targets on gravel or dirt – away from grass or woody debris.

     Exploding targets, tracer rounds, and fireworks are illegal.


 Cluverts are being installed on Beaverdam Road today between:

     Highway 6 Junction and University Falls Road

     Mile post 4.5 to MP 6.5


Fire Information

Tillamook State Forest information 

Visit the Tillamook Forest Center
Tillamook State Forest hiking trail guides 
After hours recorded message line: (503) 359-7401 

Randy Peterson Recreation Unit Manager (503) 359-7470
Stephanie Beall Recreation Coordinator (503) 359-7464

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Fire Information

Fire Season 2015 began 16 June 2015 at 1:00 AM.  Regulated use is in effect.

The IFPL is currently Level 3.  Please observe the required precautions.


You can find a copy of the waivers here: 


Industrial Fire Precaution Level

Regulated Use 
Forest Grove District is comprised of 1 Regulated Use Area ( Map, PDF format )
Current Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL) and Regulated Use status
Industrial Use 
2013 Fire Watch Waiver

Current Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL) and Regulated Use status 
Industrial Fire Precaution Level definitions and restrictions
NWOA-FPA (IFPL) Map (PDF format)

Public Use
Fire Protection Program
After 5 p.m. call recorded message line at (503) 359-7401 *604 for current information.
Burn Permits
Please contact Kevin Geary for recent smoke management and burn information. 


Eric Perkins       Protection Unit Forester (503) 359-7450 
Jeff Ennenga Wildland Fire Supervisor (503) 3597447
Kevin Geary  Permanent Forest Officer (503) 359-7459
Megan Ehnle  Dispatcher (503) 359-7424

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Burning Information

You are responsible for the fire you light!  Be sure to take required precautions before you burn.

     Backyard Debris:  Contact your local Rural Fire Protection District for information and permits.

     Campfires:  Allowed in designated campsites except duing Level 4 fire precautions.

                       Allowed outside designated campsites except during Regulated Use periods.

     Slash/Industrial:  Contact your local Department of Forestry office for information and permits.

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Firewood Cutting

Firewood Cutting permits are no longer available in the Forest Grove District.

Permits will be available again after Fire Season 2015 closes for the year.

Please observe Regulated Use, keep a shovel and either water or a 2.5 LB. fire extinguisher with you when working.

If you have questions, please contact the Forest Grove District.

Firewood cutting permits may be purchased between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday, except on state holidaysThere will be no permits issued after 4:30 PM.

The price of a woodcutting permit is now $20 for two cords. For more information about the price increase, please read the Firewood Cutting Permit Price Increase Q & A .
For information about Fall 2015 Woodcutting Permit Sales, call the public information line at (503) 359-7401 ext. 606 or at (503) 357-2191.
When woodcutting permits are being sold, firewood permits for the Forest Grove District are available at the Forest Grove office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except on State holidays). Permits are not issued during fire season.  The Columbia City Unit office will be issuing permits for the Wilark basin.  No limit has been placed on the total number of permits being sold.
Personal firewood permits must be purchased by the individual who will be named on the permit. The license number of the vehicle to be used for hauling the wood is required at the time of purchase. Cost is $20 cash or credit / debit card (no checks accepted) and permit is valid for 2 cords or 3 weeks, whichever comes first. Individuals or households are limited to 3 permits in a 12 month period. A map of the area will be provided at the time of purchase.  

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Special Forest Products

Updated 06/16/2011
Special Forest Product permits are sold at the Forest Grove office, Monday - Friday from 8:00AM to 4:30PM (except on State Holidays).  The cost is $100 per person and the permits are good for 1 month from the date of issue.
All areas are open with the exception of the Rogers Block, which will remain closed indefinitely.  Due to winter storms some roads may still be closed.  Thank you for your patience if you have questions please call the Forest Grove office (503) 357-2191
Information regarding the collection of special forest products on northwest Oregon state forestlands (Tillamook, Clatsop, Santiam State Forests, and West Oregon District) can be found by following this link Special Forest Products

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Private Forest

For information regarding the harvest of timber on private lands contact the Stewardship Forester in your area. Stewardship Forester Areas. 
Stewardship Forester information for operations north of Highway 26 can be found by visiting the Columbia City Unit page. 
Private Forests Program 
Forest health resources 

 Nathan Agalzoff                  Stewardship Forester                               (503) 359 - 7439

Brent O'Nion  Stewardship Forester (503) 359-7442
Kevin Nelson  Stewardship Forester (503) 359-7493

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