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Oregon Board of Forestry Workshop - August 18, 2008
Audio Files [MP3]
Board Comments on Non-Workshop Items  [9,293 KB; 0:19:49]
Summary of Board Comments on Non-Workshop Items  [347 KB; 0:00:44]
Public Comments  [12,635 KB; 0:26:57]
Introduction and Background  [10,525 KB; 0:22:27]
Chronology of State Forests Reports  [5,513 KB; 0:11:45]
Work Plan Status  [5,912 KB; 0:12:36]
Board Issues and Concerns - Part 1  [54,995 KB; 1:57:19]
Board Issues and Concerns - Park II  [53,276 KB; 1:53:39]
Next Steps  [42,005 KB; 1:29:36]

Workshop Materials
Workshop Agenda [PDF; 2 pages; 101 KB]
Workshop Goal:
  • Apply consensus decision making model to Board Issues Work Plan for State Forest Management
Workshop Objectives:
  • Review status of Board work on State Forest Management issues and Subcommittee discussion on improving Board work plans
  • Confirm nature of decision to be made in November 2008
  • Identify Board member issues/questions to be resolved and prioritized
  • Review available information and identify additional information needed to resolve issues/questions
  • Review current Board work plan on these issues and based on discussion, re-affirm the work plan or discuss adjustments.
  • Chart next steps to discuss and resolve issues/questions
Public Comment – three minutes will be allotted for each individual  (more information regarding public comment at the end of this web page)
Welcome, Introduction and Background
  • Review objectives, agenda and ground rules for workshop discussions Elaine Hallmark, Oregon Consensus Program
  • Update on Board’s sub committee for work plans – Staff and Board Sub-committee
  • Overview of Board work in recent years related to State Forests – Nancy Hirsch
    Attachment A. Chronology of State Forest reports to the Board, 2004 to date [PDF; 6 pages; 101 KB]
  • Review of steps in consensus decision making process – Elaine Hallmark
Status of Board Work Plan for State Forest Management – November 2008 Decision
Board Issues/Concerns for Discussion Regarding State Forest Management
Information Needs
  • Assess information needs –Staff and Board
    • What information do we have? 
    • What additional information is needed to address key issues/questions for the November decision?
    • What other ongoing information needs must be addressed to inform State forest management?
    • How much information is enough?
    • How will the Department meet the Board’s identified information needs?
    • What are the implications for the Board’s current timeline?
Wrap-Up and Next Steps
  • Discuss next steps to move toward decision on State Forest Management issues
  • Affirm or adjust Work Plan
    • Based on Board discussion regarding issues, decision, information needs and timeline – should any adjustments be considered to the State Forests Board Work Plan?  (i.e., will the Board be in a position to make a decision in November?)
    • Implications for other Board Work Plans
  • Agree upon next steps to:
    • Develop/present information
    • Address/resolve issues
Additional Public Comment:
Due to the full agenda, the Board will accept additional written comment regarding the information shared and the Board’s discussion until August 22, 2008.  Comments received will be included in the meeting record and forwarded to the Board and State Forests staff.
Send comments to Gayle Birch, 2600 State Street, Building B, Salem, Oregon 97310 or via e-mail with the subject line “August Board Workshop” to gbirch@odf.state.or.us