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Board of Forestry Meeting and Tour: September 7 & 8, 2011
Meeting and Tour Details
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Oregon Board of Forestry - Public Meeting
Lakeview Interagency Office
Fremont-Winema National Forest Headquarters
Lost Forest/Crane Conference Rooms
1301 S. G Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630
8:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
September 7 Agenda [38 KB]
Thursday, September 8, 2011
Field Tour: Fremont-Winema National Forest
Department of Forestry Lakeview Office
2290 North 4th Street, Lakeview, Oregon
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
September 8 Agenda [1.2 MB]
Members of the public wishing to join the Board are asked to bring their lunch and provide their own transportation.

Audio Files
Item 1 and 2 Welcome, Consent, Comments, and History Moment [8.6 MB, 36 min]
Item 6 Work Plan Process Check [4.8 MB, 20 min]
Item 7 Oregon Indicator of Sustainable Forest Management E.a. [7.4 MB, 31 min]
Item 4 U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project [9.4 MB, 40 min]
Item 5 Fire Protection Funding [11.1 MB, 47 min]
Item 3 Part 1 Federal Forestland Advisory Committee Implementation [8.3 MB, 35 min]
Item 3 Part 2 Federal Forestland Advisory Committee Implementation [8.3 MB, 35 min]
Item 8 Part 1 Oregon Biomass Panel [9.3 MB, 39 min]
Item 8 Part 2 Oregon Biomass Panel [9.3 MB, 39 min]

Meeting Minutes and Attachments
September 7, 2011
Meeting Minutes - September 7, 2011 [101 KB]
1. Reference, Klamath Forest Protective Association, A Legacy of Forest Protection and Cooperation 1908-2008, Agenda Item 2
2. Presentation, Indicator E.a. Composition, Diversity and Structure of Forest Vegetation, Agenda Item 7 [2.8 MB]
3. Presentation, U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project, Agenda Item 4 [2.4 MB]
4. DVD, Comments and Supporting Materials regarding the U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project, Western Institute for Study of the Environment, Agenda Item 4
5. Public Comment Handout, John Thomas, Jr., Agenda Item 4 [441 KB]
6. Public Comment Handout, Michael Newton, Agenda Item 4 [384 KB]
7. Public Comment Handout, Wayne R. Giesy, Agenda Item 4 [283 KB]
8. Presentation, Fire Protection Funding, Agenda Item 5 [2.1 MB]
9. Public Comment Handout, Mike Dykzeul (Graphs), Agenda Item 5 [381 KB]
10. Presentation, The Federal Forestlands Advisory Committee and the Implementation Work Group, Agenda Item 3 [857 KB]
11. Public Comment Handout, Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc., Agenda Item 3 [478 KB]
12. Presentation, Oregon’s Forest Biomass Sector, Agenda Item 8 [2.6 MB]
13. Handout, Highlights of the Lakeview Stewardship Unit, the Lakeview Biomass Project, and the Collins Small-diameter Sawmill, Lakeview, Oregon, Agenda Item 8 [429 KB]
14. Presentation, Biomass Energy in Oregon, Agenda Item 8 [882 KB]
15. Presentation, Biomass and the BOF, Agenda Item 8 [568 KB]

Pre-Meeting Materials
Wednesday, September 7, 2011: Public Business Meeting
Consent Agenda
Item A. July 28 Meeting Minutes – WP0, IBI5 
Item B. 2011 Board Governance Performance Self-Evaluation Final Report [19 KB] WP1, IBI5 
         1. Summary of the 2011 Individual Board Member Self-Evaluation Response [74 KB]
Item C. Agency Performance Measure Progress Report 2010-2011 [26 KB]– WP1, IBI2 
         1. Annual Performance Progress Report (APPR) for Fiscal Year (2010-2011) [692 KB]
Item D. Final 2010 State Forests Performance Measure Report [18 KB] – WP2, IBI5 
         1. 2010 State Foresters Performance Report, revised September 2011 [1.8 MB]
Item E. State Forests Research and Monitoring Report [17 KB]– WP2, IBI2 
         1. State Forests Research and Monitoring Program: Program Summary, Fiscal Year 2011 [109 KB]
Item F. Committee for Family Forestlands Member Appointment [15 KB]– WP0, IBI2   
         1. Biographical Information of Nominee [11 KB]
Item G. Regional Forest Practice Committee Member Appointment [19 KB]– WP0, IBI2    
          1. Current Regional Forest Practice Committee Membership [22 KB]
          2. Biographical Information for New Nominees to Regional Forest Practice Committees [15 KB]
Item H. Highway 36 Exposure Investigation Update [17 KB]– WP6, IBI2 
          1. Summary of Status of Highway 36/Triangle Lake Pesticide Exposure [21 KB]
          2. Map of Recruitment Area for Highway 36/Triangle Lake Pesticide Exposure Investigation [147 KB]
          3. Power Point Presented at Community Meeting on July 14, 2011 in Blachly, Oregon [937 KB]
Action and Information

Item 1. Welcome to Fremont-Winema National Forest      
State Forester and Board Member Comments [10 KB] - WP0, IBI6            
       A.  Public Comments [19 KB] [topics not on agenda]
Item 2. Board of Forestry History Moment [15 KB]     
A look inside the Klamath Forest Protective Association. - WP0, IBI4 
Item 3. Federal Forestland Advisory Committee Implementation [33 KB] 
Provides an update on the work of the public/private partnership being used to implement recommendations the Board of Forestry adopted in a report, Achieving Oregon’s Vision for Federal Forestlands. - WP3, IBI2 
         1. Executive Summary, Achieving Oregon's Vision for Federal Forestlands [54 KB]
         2. Governor's Press Release [65 KB] 
Item 4. U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project [22 KB]
An informative presentation on the results and findings of a paper titled the “U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project” designed to capture the true costs of wildfires that include a better method for defining the economic effects on lives, livelihoods, structures, cultural and natural resources. WP0, IBI3  
         1. Senator Ferrioli Letter and the State Forester's Response [920 KB]
         2. U.S. Wildfire Cost-Plus-Loss Economics Project: The "One Pager" Checklist [363 KB]
         3. Cost Review on the Shelton and Middle Fork Fires [218 KB]
Item 5. Fire Protection Funding [23 KB]       
Follow-up discussion on issues and opportunities in wildfire discussed at the June meeting. - WP7, IBI0
         1. Draft Issue Paper "Fire Protection Funding: Large Fire and Low Productivity Lands" [202 KB]
         2. Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy - Phase II, Western Regional Strategy Committee Update [343 KB]
Item 6. Work Plan Process Check [27 KB]       
Provides the Board with a process check on the system used to create, update, and manage the Board of Forestry work plans. WP1, IBI0
         1. Procedures for Oregon Board of Forestry Strategic Planning, Implementation and Monitoring, January 7, 2010 [56 KB]
         2. Notes - Board of Forestry Strategic Planning Process [56 KB]
Item 7. Oregon Indicator of Sustainable Forest Management E.a. [20 KB]      
Provides the Board with a first report on Oregon Indicator of Sustainable Forest Management E.a.: Composition, diversity, and structure of forest vegetation. WP1, IBI2  
Item 8. Oregon Forest Biomass Biomass Panel [28 KB]
A panel discussion on forest biomass in Oregon, with potential speakers to include: Joe Misek, Oregon Department of Forestry; Matt Krumenauer, Oregon Department of Energy; Chad Davis, Sustainable Northwest; and Jim Walls, Lake County Resource Initiative. WP3, IBI4           
         1. Woody Biomass Project List - ODOE [65 KB]
         2. Biomass Incentives - ODOE [537 KB]
         3. A Regional Strategy for Wood-based Energy: A Case Study [1.9 MB]
         4. Collaboration on the Malheur National Forest: A Case Study [2.4 MB]
         5. Lakeview Biomass Progression [30 KB]
Item 9. Executive Session       
Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(i), the Board will meet in Executive Session to discuss the State Forester’s performance review. WP0, IBI9
Board Work Plans and Intermediate Board Issues are referenced on the agenda as WP_, IBI_. Links to current Board Work Plans can be found on the Board's website at www.oregonforestry.gov