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Board of Forestry Meeting and Tour: November 3 & 4, 2011
Meeting and Tour Details
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Oregon Board of Forestry - Public Meeting
Forest Grove Community Auditorium
1915 Main Street
Forest Grove, Oregon

8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
November 3 Agenda [37 KB]
Friday, November 4, 2011
Field Tour: Oregon Small Woodland Owners
Tour briefing at the McMenamin's Grand Lodge - Compass Room
3505 Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove, Oregon
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
November 4 Agenda [14 KB]
Members of the public wishing to join the Board area asked to bring their lunch and provide their own transportation.

Audio Files
Item 1 Welcome, Consent Agenda, State Forester and Board Member Comments, Public Comments [7.35 MB, 32 min.]
Item 2 State Forests Fiscal Report [3.8 MB, 16 min.]
Item 3 Part 1 Elliott State Forest Rulemaking [5.5 MB, 24 min.]
Item 3 Part 2 Elliott State Forest Rulemaking cont. [2.8 MB, 12 min.]
Item 4 Part 1 Riparian Function and Stream Temperature Project [7.47 MB, 32 min.]
Item 4 Part 2 Riparian Function and Stream Temperature cont. [7.47 MB, 32 min.]
Item 5 State Forests Research and Monitoring Report [5.44 MB, 23 min.]
Item 6 Mary Rellergert Forestry Education Award [9.75 MB, 42 min.]
Item 7 Remarks from Governor John Kitzhaber [9.81 MB, 42 min.]
Item 8 State Forests Draft Work Planning [12 MB, 51 min.]
Item 9 Ecosystem Services at Gales Creek [6.17 MB, 26 min.]

Meeting Minutes and Attachments
November 3, 2011
Meeting Minutes - November 3, 2011 [194 KB]
1. Board Handout, Gary Springer, Fire Cost Committee, Agenda Item 1  [276 KB]
2. Public Comment Presentation,  Brian Wagner, Tualatin River Watershed, Agenda Item 1A [2 MB]
3. Public Comment Handout, Francis Eatherington and Josh Laughlin, Cascadia Wildlands, Agenda Item 1A [696 KB]
4. Presentation, State Forests Financial Data, Agenda Item 2 [335 KB]
5. Board Handout, Peter Hayes, Concerns and Actions Table, Agenda Item 3 [271 KB]
6. Presentation, RipStream Project Background, Status, and Findings to Date, Agenda Item 4 [1.1 MB]
7. Presentation, Kari O’Connell – Teachers as Researchers, Agenda Item 6 [1.2MB]
8. Presentation, Tom Fields – Fire Prevention Education, Agenda Item 6 [1.7 MB]
9. Presentation, Forests for Today and Forever – Forest Field Days, Agenda Item 6 [6.7 MB]
10. Handout, The Oregon Forest Literacy Program, Agenda Item 6
11. Governor Kitzhaber’s Testimony, Agenda Item 7, Written Testimony document
12. Presentation, Testimony reference slides, Agenda Item 7 [411 KB]
13. Transcription, Governor Kitzhaber’s Comments, Agenda Item 7 [247 KB]
14. Public Comment Handout, Ian Fergusson, Agenda Item 8 [263 KB]
15. Public Comment Handout, Bob Rees, Agenda Item 8  [354 KB]
16. Public Comment Handout, Ivan Maluski, Agenda Item 8  [318 KB]
17. Public Comment Handout, Ivan Maluski, Petition Signatures, Agenda Item 8  [4.8 MB]
18. Presentation, Counting On the Environment: Gales Creek Pilot Project, Agenda Item 9  [2.3 MB]
19. Remarks from Bob and Bonnie Shumaker, November 3, 2011 [331 KB]

Pre-Meeting Materials
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Consent Agenda
Item A. September 7 Meeting Minutes – WP0, IBI5    
Item B. Emergency Fire Cost Committee Member Appointment [18 KB] – WP0, IBI2 
         1. Emergency Fire Cost Committee Membership [14 KB]
         2. Biography - Ken Cummings [10 KB] 
Item C. Interim Work Plan Management Process [27 KB] – WP1, IBI0  
Action and Information

Item 1. State Forester and Board Member Comments [10 KB] - WP0, IBI6 
        A.  Public Comments [19 KB]
Item 2. State Forests Fiscal Report [21 KB] - WP0, IBI3     
Presents information on revenue and expenditures of the State Forests Division.
         1. Recent History of State Forests Division Costs [366 KB]
         2. July 2011 Department Share Revenue Projection [739 KB] 
* Item 3. Elliott State Forest Rulemaking [99 KB] - WP2, IBI7 
Presents Final Elliott State Forest Management Plan for review and discussion and request for the Board’s adoption of the plan as administrative rule.
         1. Final Draft - Elliott State Forest Management Plan [5.9 MB]
         2. Report of Hearings Officer [550 KB]
         3. ODF Staff Analysis and Response to Public Comments Received [343 KB]
         4. State Forester Report for Board GPV and Planning Rule Determination [264 KB]
Item 4. Update on Riparian Function and Stream Temperature Project [40 KB] - WP1, IBI5 
Presents published results on the second phase that provide some answers to questions about the magnitude of temperature changes immediately after harvest and how they are influenced by channel and riparian conditions.
          1. Riparian Function and Stream Temperature Project: Background, Current Findings, and Future Analyses [329 KB]
          2. Response of western Oregon (USA) stream temperatures to contemporary forest management. Forest Ecology and Management 262: 1618-1629 (Abstract only). [51 KB]
Item 5. State Forests Research & Monitoring Report [24 KB] - WP2, IBI2  
Presents information for discussion.
         1. State Forests Research and Monitoring Program: Program Summary, Fiscal Year 2011 [109 KB]
Item 6. Mary Rellergert Forestry Education Award [17 KB] - WP0, IBI4 
Honorary award program recognizing forest educators with outstanding contributions to forest education in Oregon, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Forestry and Oregon State University, Natural Resources Education Program.
Item 7. Remarks from Governor John Kitzhaber [19 KB] - WP0, IBI3 
Governor Kitzhaber will present the Board with vision and guidance regarding the management of state-owned forestlands, as well as his thoughts on public forests overall and critical issues facing forest management today.
Item 8. State Forests Draft Work Planning [44 KB] - WP2, IBI0 
Presents initial key objectives for Board consideration and discussion in planning for the 2012 -2013 State Forests work plan with possible decisions.
Item 9. Ecosystem Services at Gales Creek [21 KB] - WP2, IBI9 
Update on Ecosystems Services Project with guest presentation by Bobby Cochran, Willamette Partnership.

*A single asterisk preceding the item number marks a work session.  Public testimony/comment will not be accepted.
Board Work Plans and Intermediate Board Issues are referenced on the agenda as WP_, IBI_. Links to current Board Work Plans can be found on the website at www.oregonforestry.gov