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Board of Forestry 2005-2006 Issue Scan
The Board of Forestry's 2005-2006 issue scan produced input to help the Board shape its work in 2006 and beyond.  In all, more than 120 suggestions were received from more than 90 individuals and organizations.
The input was reviewed by a work group appointed by the Board, by ODF staff, and, finally, by the full Board.  Following this process, the Board agreed to a grouping of the suggestions into these categories:
Category 1:   Topics not currently addressed in an existing work plan, but appropriate for Board work.
The Board agreed to create new work plans to address:
  • Invasive species (to begin after additional staff work on the issue)
  • The trend toward use of certification systems to assure consumers that wood is grown and harvested in a sustainable manner (to begin in 2007, following completion of current studies of the issue).
The Board agreed to address other suggested topics as part of existing work plans:
  • Reconciling the 10-year review of State Forests Forest Management Plans
  • Independent peer review of the State Forests Program Harvest and Habitat Modeling Project
  • Becoming involved in the "Big Look" of Oregon's land use planning system that will occur during the 2005-2006 legislative interim
The Board directed further staff work on several of the suggested issues:
  • Issues related to high-risk landslides
  • Conservation of oak savanna woodlands
  • A review of the Forest Practices Act civil penalty structure
  • Revision of the state forests land acquisition and exchange program
  • Revision of the forest fire land classification system laws
Category 2:  Topics already addressed in current work plans.  Most of the input received fell into this category.  This input will be considered as the Board proceeds with its work plans.
Category 3:  Suggestions that don't lend themselves to inclusion in a work plan.  These were general expressions of views, opinions, value statements, etc.
Category 4:   Suggestions for actions that are not within the Board's purview (referred to other agency or authority as appropriate)
Each person or organization submitting ideas for the issue scan received a letter from Board Chair Steve Hobbs describing the process and summarizing the Board's response. 
A matrix of suggestions that were received and the Board's response is included on this page.  Also included is the full text of all the input submitted.