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Contact Us: Directory - Salem Campus Headquarters
Agency Reception 503-945-7200 Information
Public Affairs Program 503-945-7420 Information
State Forester's Office 503-945-7429 Information
Board of Forestry 503-945-7210 Information
Fire Protection Division 503-945-7442 Information
Private Forests Division 503-945-7207 Information
State Forests Division 503-945-7357 Information
Forest Resources Planning Program 503-945-7411 Information
Partnership Development Program 503-945-7483 Information
Urban and Community Forestry Program 503-945-7470 Information
Forest History Center 503-945-7208 Forest History Center Information
Administrative Services Division 503-945-7200 Information
Facilities 503-945-7344 Information
Procurement 503-945-7308 Information
Fiscal Services 503-945-7238 Information
Budget Management 503-945-7230 Information
Information Technology Program 503-945-7305 Information
Human Resources/Safety/Training 503-945-7200 Information
Doug Decker
State Forester
503-945-7211 doug.s.decker@oregon.gov
Paul Bell
Deputy State Forester
503-945-7205 paul.c.bell@oregon.gov
Stacy Miller
State Forester's Executive Assistant
503-945-7429 stacy.miller@oregon.gov
Nancy Hirsch
Fire Protection Division Chief
503-945-7204 nancy.hirsch@oregon.gov
Doug Grafe 
Fire Protection Deputy Division Chief
503-945-7271 doug.grafe@oregon.gov
Karen Swearingen
Fire Operations Unit Manager
503-945-7437 karen.swearingen@oregon.gov
Toni Chambers
Fire Business Unit Manager
503-945-7229 toni.l.chambers@oregon.gov
Tom Fields
Fire Prevention Coordinator
503-945-7440 tom.fields@oregon.gov
Bob Young
Fire Prevention and Policy Unit Manager
503-945-7434 robert.young@oregon.gov
Liz Dent
State Forests Division Chief
503-945-7351 liz.f.dent@oregon.gov
Brian Pew 
State Forests Deputy Division Chief
503-945-7213 brian.pew@oregon.gov
Rosemary Mannix
State Forests Resource Specialist Unit Manager
503-945-7347 rosemary.mannix@oregon.gov
Ed DeBlander
State Forests Asset Unit Manager
503-945-7348 ed.a.deblander@oregon.gov
Berta Bodi
State Forests Administrative Unit Manager
503-945-7486 berta.bodi@oregon.gov
Peter Daugherty
Private Forests Division Chief
503-945-7482 peter.daugherty@oregon.gov
Lena Tucker
Private Forests Deputy Division Chief
503-945-7529 lena.l.tucker@oregon.gov
Cary Long
Private Forests Administrative Unit Manager
503-945-7477 cary.g.long@oregon.gov
Lee Hullinger
Private Forests Budget and Planning Unit Manager
503-945-7230 lee.l.hullinger@oregon.gov
Marganne Allen
Private Forests Policy and Monitoring Unit Manager
503-945-7240 marganne.allen@oregon.gov
Paul Ries
Urban Forestry Coordinator
503-945-7391 paul.ries@oregon.gov
Satish Upadhyay
Administrative Services Division Chief
503-945-7203 satish.upadhyay@oregon.gov
David C. "Chris" Stewart
Facilities Director
503-945-7375 david.c.stewart@oregon.gov
Shannon Rand
Procurement and Property Director
503-945-7383 shannon.rand@oregon.gov
Mark Hubbard
Finance Director
503-945-7231 mark.w.hubbard@oregon.gov
Jill Neely
Budget/Payroll Director
503-945-7311 jill.e.neely@oregon.gov
Steven Hoffert
Chief Information Officer
503-945-7337 steven.hoffert@oregon.gov
Brent Grimsrud
GIS and Application Development Unit Manager
503-945-7331 brent.grimsrud@oregon.gov
Diana Morris
IT Program Administrative Resources Unit Manager
503-945-7288 diana.g.morris@oregon.gov
Kevin Birch
Forest Resources Planning Program Director
503-945-7405 kevin.r.birch@oregon.gov
Jonathan Hermann 
Human Resources Program Director
503-945-7296 tasha.l.petersen@oregon.gov
Dan Postrel
Public Affairs Program Director
503-945-7420 dan.postrel@oregon.gov
Antonia Allen
Internal Auditor
503-945-7206 antonia.allen@oregon.gov
Sabrina Perez
Board of Forestry Support
503-945-7210 sabrina.perez@oregon.gov
Mary Schmelz
Building B Office Manager 
503-945-7202 mary.k.schmelz@oregon.gov