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Dwight L. Phipps Forest Nursery
Update on Phipps Nursery
February 11, 2009
All operations at the Dwight L. Phipps Forest Nursery ceased in summer 2008. Sales operations of tree seedlings from the D.L. Phipps Forest Nursery ended on April 1, 2008.
A marketing agreement to promote a public sale of the Phipps facility has been established between ODF and RE/MAX Professional Realty of Roseburg, Oregon.
The scope of the real estate offer covers 113 acres of the nursery facility at 2424 Wells Road, located about three miles southwest of Elkton. Fifteen structures are included in the real estate offer, including the main 36,000 square foot processing building warehouse.
The offer price on the property is $2,000,000. Additional terms may apply to the property that can be addressed by the broker.
Inquiries about the property can be directed to:
RE/MAX Professional Realty
Attn: Mr. Jody Tatone
2955 NW Edenbower Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97471
Tel: 541-430-5430
Fax: 541-673-3128
Over several decades, tree seedling sales at the Phipps Nursery diminished due to a combination of changing market conditions, reduced timber harvest on federal lands and increased seedling availability on the private sector market. The operation of Phipps was entirely supported by the sale of seedlings, sales of which could not sustain operations.  The Board of Forestry in 2006 directed the Oregon Department of Forestry to pursue sale of the Nursery. The nursery closed at the conclusion of the two-year seedling growing season in 2008.
As required under state rules, ODF sought to transfer the property under a public auction process in January 2008. One bid was received during the public auction, a proposal which did not meet the minimum bid specifications set by ODF. ODF also made diligent efforts during the spring and summer months of 2008 to negotiate a potential sale for the Nursery property. Once those routes had been attempted for a sale with no successful buyer, ODF could pursue selling the property through the commercial real estate market.
When the Phipps Nursery was first established in 1957, as-needed tree seedlings were not available in sufficient quantity to meet the need of government agencies and family-owned forest operations. Since that time, the number of private nurseries offering tree seedlings has increased in Oregon.
Alternate resources for landowners seeking tree seedlings are available in the ODF publication "Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings"
General questions, or public comment, about the Phipps Nursery may be directed to:
Kevin Weeks, ODF Agency Affairs Office

About the Nursery
Phipps Nursery
The Dwight L. Phipps Forest Nursery was opened in 1957 to provide government agencies, family forests and private landowners with an on-demand source for at-cost tree seedlings without multi-year seedling contracts required. At its peak, the nursery produced 16 million tree seedlings per year. It is the only state-owned seedling nursery in Oregon.
ODF began providing tree seedlings to Oregon landowners after the Clarke-McNary Act of 1924 provided federal money to states for forest management. A tree-seedling nursery opened near Corvallis in 1925 and provided seedlings beginning in 1927, operating until the opening of the Elkton Nursery thirty years later. The nursery, located three miles south of Elkton, was re-named in 1965 in honor of former State Forester Dwight L. Phipps who guided its founding.
The 261-acre Phipps Nursery initially produced 2.5 million seedlings a year, and towards the end of production produced between 6 and 12 million seedlings annually. Many of the Douglas-fir, pine, cedar, spruce, hemlock, true fir, and hardwood seedlings like alder, ash, and maple seen throughout Oregon spent their first two years as seedlings in the Phipps Nursery.

D.L. Phipps Forest Nursery Planting Guide
Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings