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Help preparing and implementing a CWPP
Who is involved in the CWPP process?
The three decision makers identified in HFRA: local government and municipalities, local fire departments and, in Oregon, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF). Other groups and federal agencies are encouraged to participate in the collaborative process.  For more information on specific roles of each decision maker, please see CWPP Roles.

How do we create a CWPP?
When undertaking the task of creating a CWPP, there are two templates for developing CWPPs in Oregon. The first template, developed by the University of Oregon Program for Watershed and Community Health, is titled "A Framework for Community Fire Plans" and is referred to as the Community Fire Plan (CFP) Framework. The second template is titled "Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan - A Handbook for Wildland-Urban Interface Communities" and is referred to as the Healthy Forest Handbook. The Healthy Forest Handbook offers concise, step-by-step instructions for creating a CWPP. This handbook is designed to assist communities in creating CWPPs that conform to both the spirit and letter of the HFRA. The Community Fire Plan Framework may be a good fit if you are coordinating multiple planning efforts.

Additional Guides:

Community Guide to Preparing a CWPP 

Leader Guides for Developing a CWPP:  Guide 1    Guide 2 

Which template should we use?
First, review the community objectives and goals. Then, determine which document may be the best fit for guidance of the group. It could be that you decide to use part of one, in conjunction with the other. If a community wants to declare themselves as a Community At Risk under HFRA and lies within a County that has already done the FEMA Wildfire Chapter, then possibly the Healthy Forest Handbook may be the best fit. If a community wants to not only meet HFRA, but also FEMA Wildlife Chapter, SB360, Oregon Statewide Land Use Planning Goal 7, then the CFP Framework may be the best fit.

Who can help us create a CWPP?
group of experts  can help you with your questions regarding CWPPs.

Do we need to use the whole outline of the CFP Framework?
The great thing about the CFP Framework is that you don't have to use the whole outline. You can take out parts that do not fit your current focus. For example, if SB 360 is not expected to be implemented in your community at the current time, you can skip those tasks for now. If in the future, the group decides to address SB 360 standards, then you can go back to the outline and add those tasks into your CWPP.

Are there any tools that can help us?
In an effort to assist communities in the creation of a CWPP, the Association of Oregon Counties and the Association of Oregon & California Counties developed the Healthy Forest Info website and the CWPP Rapid Assessment Solution (CWPP RAS). The CWPP RAS is a great first step in the planning process. For more information, please see the CWPP Rapid Assessment Solution page.

How do we get financial assistance?

Where do we get educational and technical assistance?
FireFree, Firewise and Insurance Agencies provide educational and technical resources  for homeowners.