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Fire Protection Funding Committee
Committee Information


Phil Adams Roseburg Lumber Products
Art Ayre Oregon Dept of Administrative Services
Paul Bell Oregon Dept of Forestry
Brett Brownscombe Office of the Governor
Ken Cummings Emergency Fire Cost Committee Chair
Mike Dykzeul Oregon Forest Industries Council
Lee Fledderjohann Collins Pine Co
Nancy Hirsch Oregon Dept of Forestry
Jim James Oregon Small Woodland Owners Association
Susan Jordan Legislative Fiscal Office
Bob Messinger Member - NEO District Budget Committee
Milt Moran OFIC Protection Committee
Ray Sessler Oregon Cattlemen's Association
Peter Sikora Giustina Resources
Gary Springer Oregon Board of Forestry Member
Rex Storm Associated Oregon Loggers
Bill Swarts Cascade Timberlands LLC
Jeff Vermilya Hancock Forest Management
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ODF Staff Support

Committee Charter 

Potential Evaluation Criteria Updated!  

Meeting Information

Meeting Schedule

Ground Rules

November 09, 2011 
December 14, 2011
January 19-20, 2012 
February 22, 2012

July 8, 2013

Meeting Notes
November 09, 2011 
December 14, 2011 
January 19-20, 2012 
February 22, 2012  Updated Draft for Review! 

July 8, 2013 

Mileage Reimbursement Information

Charter Overview

History of Fire Funding

Fire Funding Overview, Drivers and Influences

Large Fire Costs 
Western Oregon District Report
Central Oregon District Report

Funding Alternative Schematic
Policy Questions Associated With Fire Suppression Funding Proposal
Information/Data Requests
During the meetings, the Committee requested additional information regarding funding and other related questions. The information requests are categorized below. Data will continue to be added as soon as it is available.
Forestland Classification
SB360 - Wildland Urban Interface Act
Protection District Information
  • What are the landowner rates by district over the last ten years? District Rate History 
  • What are the 1) actual acreage, and 2) percentage splits between grazing and timber by district? Timber/Grazing Acres by District 
  • What are the fire costs by district over the last ten years? How much was ODF vs feds managed incidents? District Fire Costs 
  • What are the number of improved lots per district/and trend line over the last ten years? Project potential thoughts on what it might be with the updated forestland classification processes. Improved Lots by District 
  • Is there more history on the reason for the 75/25 split allocation for timber & grazing lands on the eastside?   ***In Development***
  • Breakdown of landowner caused vs non-landowner caused fires for various districts. Chart Data 
  • Breakdown of fire events and expenses vs budgets on COD differentiating between the different units. Fire Costs/Unit Budgets 
Oregon Forestland Protection Fund (OFLPF) 
Fire Environment
  • Amount of lightning/district on the four large fire districts from 2000 forward.  Lightning/District   Lightning/Year 
  • Fire starts by source/by district from 2000 forward. Fire Cause
  • Large fire suppression costs on ODF protected lands in 2011 and the average annual cost for large fire suppression over 10 years prior Suppression Cost Summary 
  • Breakdown of miscellaneous 16% of human caused fires. Specific Misc Cause
  • Human caused fires time of year occurrences. Fires/Month
  • Energy Release Component overlay on Travis’ Key Performance Measures analysis KPM 
  • Analysis of the large fires in the four large four districts to ID root cause Root Cause 
Legislator Contact Information 

Wildfire Reduction Act

Department Budget

  • FEMA contributions/year (as funding source) -> size, scope, trends, % of total bill. Bar chart of revenue received by year with bullets explaining erratic nature of payments, also include reimbursement going back to OFLPF.  FEMA Revenue  
  • How do you get the feds to better participate in solutions to the big problems of increasing fire suppression costs and initial attack resources? This is cleary a big part of the problem in the large fire districts. How can we change that equation? Federal Government Contributions to Fire Protection in Oregon 
Key Performance Measures
  • What do district foresters think is needed for SPA and statewide severity? How much do you need in severity to meet objective #1? Severity
  • What would be the percentage reduction in GF budgets of the Big 3 (Education, Medication, Incarceration) if the GF was the funding mechanism to meet the objectives of the committee? Natural Resource Agencies Funding Trend
  • Dollars spent over the past ten years from OFLPF vs GF.   OFLPF & Severity