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2009 Department awards honor employees for leadership, teamwork
James E. Brown Leadership Award
This is a photo of Dan Shults, Southern Oregon Area Director for the Oregon Department of Forestry; recipient of the 2009 James E. Brown Leadership Award
Dan Shults, recipient of the 2009 Leadership Award
Southern Oregon Area Director Dan Shults was awarded the James E. Brown Leadership Award for providing leadership and counsel, maintaining strong relationships with community leaders and for helping guide the Department "through good times and bad."
After graduating from Syracuse University, New York, in 1971, Shults worked for both private and public forestry organizations and then moved west, starting his career with the Oregon Department of Forestry in 1977.
He worked as a forester in Coos Bay and John Day, and as Operations Manager and then Fire Prevention manager in Salem, before becoming "dual" District Forester for both Linn and Eastern Lane Districts in 1991. He's been the Southern Oregon Area Director since May, 1999.
A few statements about Dan from fellow employees:
"...passionate about ODF and forestry and always keeps the goals of the agency in the forefront."
"....sets realistic goals, makes the tools for success available, and trusts people to get the job done as they see fit."
"Every step of the way, he's been helpful, honest and open to considering what's best for the agency," says State Forester Marvin Brown. "His strong relationships with community leaders has been a tremendous asset for the Department."

Working Guidelines Award
Medford's Assistant District Forester Greg Alexander was nominated by his entire unit and others in his district to receive the Working Guidelines Award.
"The Working Guidelines do not seem particularly challenging for Greg, as this seems like the way Greg interacts with people at work, at home, and in the community," said one written comment.  "He strives to listen with an open mind, and patiently takes the time to listen to what each employee has to say so he can make the best decision," said another.
"Having spent time with Greg on several occasions....both looking around in the field and chatting about business in the office...I couldn't agree more," said State Forester Marvin Brown.

Technical Achievement Awards
State Forests Modeling Team
Oregon Department of Forestry's Rob Nall, Janine Rice, Tod Haren, and Henk Stander comprise the State Forests Modeling Team, and received the department's Technical Achievement Award for their work.
Under tight timelines, the team successfully developed new models to create and analyze the best strategies for achieving State Forest timber targets while providing sustainable social, environmental and economic values. The team successfully developed new models to analyze management scenarios, tested existing models, and collaborated closely with Dr. John Sessions. The team's technical achievements are many, and the quality of their work is consistently high.

Log Accountability System
Mike Wilson, Don Everingham, Morris VanDeventer, Joan Tenny, Kelly Brown, Freedom Martinmaas, Andy Brock, and Susan Brandt comprise the team that developed a new log accountability system for State Forests.
The work group was formed to design and implement a new system to capture third party scaling information on a daily basis - available for use the following morning - in an easy-to-use format that could be queried to produce reports. The group had just seven months to accomplish their work and make information available to all State Forests employees.
Some comments from users of their new system:  "...we've already increased our efficiency and effectiveness related to contract administration (and) use this tool on a near daily basis to assess activity."
"...You can get a useable report while you are on the phone with a purchaser with a question...the up-to-the-minute report allows you to check how a sale is progressing…it is light years ahead of what we had."

Emmor Nile - LiDAR
Oregon Department of Forestry's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator Emmor Nile received ODF's Technical Achievement award for "leadership and innovation" in helping the department acquire and use Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). LiDar is an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered light to find range and/or other information of a distant target.
LiDAR's benefits in timber sale preparation include
* More efficient use of planning and field time with less wasted effort
* More accurate measurement of surfaces, grade and stands
* More efficient design and implementation of harvest systems and roads
One forester said that the use of LiDAR-derived GIS data layers has reduced the time for preparation of each sale by about three weeks.

Team Awards
Board of Forestry Performance Measures Work Group
The Board of Forestry's Performance Measures Work Group - comprised of Ron Zilli, Rob Nall, Dan Goody, Colleen Kiser, Eric Marcy, Clinto Smith, Marcia Humes, Liz Dent, Doug Robin, Keith Mills, Roger Welty, Jeff Foreman, Henk Stender, Janine Rice, and Tod Haren - received a Team Award for developing the Board of Forestry performance measures for the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests.
The team led this project - "a cross-district, cross-discipline and cross-unit effort," that challenged employees to value each others' strengths and expertise to produce a quality product on the timeframe requested.
These efforts included: refining stand structure types and definitions, landscape mapping, model predictions, and developing significant new understanding of the forest. As a further challenge, the team had to incorporate effects of the 2008 windstorm into their work, making inventory and modeling adjustments to account for unexpected changes.

Department of State Lands Management Agreement Resolution Team
Members of the Department of State Lands Management Agreement Resolution Team, Ed DeBlander, Mike Cafferata, Mark Hubbard, Lorene Judge, and Diane Smithburg, received a Team Award for their work improving management of Common School Forest Lands, which benefitted both agencies.
The work of the team addressed “significant cost and budget issues with the Department of State Lands. Team members performed their unique segments flawlessly, working productively as a team with Department of State Lands staff when required. The project required high creativity and problem-solving skills, and was carried out “in a highly collaborative and effective manner.”

Ted Erdmann, Allison Blair, and Kyle Williams received a Team Award for implementing a student worker program initiated by Erdmann on the West Oregon District.
Erdmann sought funds from outside the agency to support hiring student workers in each of the District’s unit offices. This program fills a need, recognized by both the district and landowner protective association, for additional seasonal fire protection capacity.
Donations were sought and received from more than 20 landowners and organizations, including three small woodland groups, the West Oregon Protective Association, industrial forest landowners, individual small woodland owners, and forest products processing mills. At the end of the first year, the program was seen as a tremendous success by all involved.

State Forester's Safety Award
The first-ever State Forester’s Safety Award was presented to Kellie Carlsen, a stewardship forester with the Klamath-Lake District. Carlsen serves as a Safety Officer for the Oregon Department of Forestry's Incident Management Team 3, and is also a member of the department's Fitness Standards Committee. She works with many partners to gather and share pertinent safety information and lessons learned, particularly in fire suppression and training activities.
“This is a key area of agency performance we all need to pay close attention to, and I really appreciate that Kellie has helped us do so through her alerts and other communications,” said State Forester Marvin Brown.

Workforce Diversity
Western Lane District’s Paul Clements received the award for Workforce Diversity.  Clements honors, respects, enjoys, encourages and seeks out diversity – an important attribute, especially in the field of forestry where issues have the potential to become contentious. He stands for the notion that even though people may disagree, they should still feel they have been treated fairly, and that someone has worked with them to keep them informed.
Said State Forester Marvin Brown, “Paul’s views of diversity and his ability to embrace and engage diversity stand as a model for the rest of us to aspire to.”