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Oregon's Forest Atlas 2010 online edition
Oregon Forestland Management Classes
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The desired mix of economic, environmental, and social benefits from Oregon's forests can only be achieved through encouraging a diverse approach to owners managing their forestland for a variety of objectives and values. Ownerships complement one another precisely because not every acre of forest is managed in the same way for the same thing. Like ecosystem diversity, ownership diversity enhances forest sustainability.
For more information on forest management classes refer to Oregon Indicator of Sustainable Forest Management: Extent of area by forest cover type in protected area categories 

Map for download and viewing
Map showing forest management classes throughout Oregon
This map depicts Oregon’s forest coverage expressed by the forest management designation for the land.
JPG version of the map - ( 2.2 Mb file)
Source: Resources Planning Program, Oregon Department of Forestry
Data description of this map 

What do the classification terms mean?
Lands by state statute or federal law that are preserved intact; Crater Lake National Park, National Monuments, designated Wilderness Areas and forested Oregon State Parks are examples.

Administratively Withdrawn
Roadless areas, late successional reserves (An area of forest where the management objective is to protect and enhance conditions of late successional and/or old-growth forest ecosystems), administratively withdrawn lands.

Multi-Resource Land
Forest that is managed for a variety of objectives;  small-woodland and family forestlands, Oregon State Forests, tribal lands, and most federal-owned lands in Oregon are examples.

Wood Production
Private-owned industrial forest, forests owned by county governments for revenue generation.

Detail zoom-in of northern Douglas County, Oregon
Map showing detail area of northern Douglas County, Oregon
A 'map zoom' provides additional detail of data for the area of northern Douglas County.

Map of the zoom area

JPG version of the map - ( 2.7 Mb file)

Detail zoom-in of Three Sisters region of central Oregon
Detail map showing the Three SIsters region of central Oregon
A 'map zoom' provides additional detail of land data for the Three Sisters area of the Cascade Mountain range.

Map of the zoom area
JPG version of the map - ( 2 Mb file)

Important information about Forest Atlas map products
Data for the Forest Atlas was compiled by staff with the Oregon Department of Forestry in 2010 using data generated by the U.S. Forest Service PNW Research Station in Corvallis, Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Forestry.
This product is for informational purposes, and may not be suitable for legal, engineering or surveying purposes. This information or data is provided with the understanding that conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user.

Data contained within the map products does not necessarily reflect conditions at a fine-detail level.  Some data models rely on site information at least one year old. All information published herein is gathered from sources which are thought to be reliable, but the reader should not assume that the information is official or final, especially for the purposes of land use determination. The Oregon Department of Forestry does not assume responsibility for errors, and all research information contained within the website is subject to change without notice.
Additional information is contained in the liability notice 

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