HB2615 was passed in the last session and bcame effective on June 4, 2013. It includes all fungi, including truffles, in the existing permitting system for specials forest products and places the role of identifying special forest products within the rule making authority of the Board of Forestry. New rule(s) must be operative by July 1, 2014 and new permit forms must be available for landowner to use by October 1, 2014. Click on this link for rulemaking information: http://www.oregon.gov/odf/Pages/lawsrules.aspx#Proposed_Rules

Special Forest Products Forms:

Special Forest Products Buyers Record Form

Special Forest Products Permit

Special Forest Products Permit Sales Donation Form


Answers to questions on HB 2615 "Truffle Bill"  Link to Q&AForest Facts Document: Truffles and other Forest 'Treats' with Public Meeting information.

1. Truffles are not mushrooms, they are fungi. Mushrooms are fungi as well. Truffles are fungi that grow below ground; mushrooms are fungi that grow above ground.
2. Any harvesting of firewood or special forest products that includes resale may require a permit and/or special recordkeeping, especially if certain amounts are exceeded.
3. Cost may be associated, depending on who the permit is issued by. For example, State Forests charges a minimum of $100/1000# of mushrooms.
4. House Bill 2615 amended the state statute on the harvesting of special forest products, ORS 164.183, to read, "edible fungi" instead of "edible mushrooms" in order to capture truffles as a special forest product.
5. Private landowners who allow people to harvest special forest products on their land will need to utilize new forms that include new requirements of HB2615. Buyers must also keep records of permittees the purchase from.
6. Law enforcement and the Oregon Small Woodlands Association sponsored the bill in response to trespass associated with truffle harvesting on private lands.
7. The BOF has been given rule-making authority to identify special forest products.
8. The BOF will complete rule-making to implement the definition of special forest products by July 1, 2014.
9. As a result of rulemaking, new forms will be available for use by October 1, 2014.


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