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Forest Activity Computerized Tracking System (FACTS)
What is FACTS?
FACTS is a database containing information on all notifications of operations submitted to  the Oregon Department of Forestry. This information includes names and addresses of the listed operator, landowner, and timber owner, declared size of each operation unit and types of activities, legal description for the location of each unit, and special conditions that may exist.
Public access to information from the FACTS database has previously been provided only through paid subscriptions; daily, weekly, or monthly. ODF is now making that information available free through this website to anyone who wishes to download it. Printed subscriptions and diskette services are still available through district offices if preferred.
FACTS data is provided as zipped archives each covering one month of notifications statewide. Monthly updates contain four inter-related tables, in dBase IV format. Annual archives are available as well. The database format can be imported by most databases on Windows® and Macintosh® systems. Files are normally downloaded, unzipped, and the tables imported to the database system of your choice.

Can I subscribe to receive notifications of operations?
Some citizens are interested in knowing if and when their neighbors are going to start an operation. For absentee landowners, it is an easy way to be informed about forest activities that border your forestland. Others want to review and make comments on planned operations in their watershed.
Simply Follow these 3 easy steps:
  1. Complete the subscriberapplication.pdfsubscriberapplication.pdf identifying your area of interest, your preferred subscriber Option, and to calculate the appropriate fees.
  2. Enclose a check or money order payable to the "State Forester " for the total amount.
  3. Mail each form with payment to the District or Unit office, or go directly to the office and submit your application and payment in person.

Data Files
These data files have been compressed to a Zip archive file to make downloading and copying these files faster. To learn more about compressed files or to download free file expansion tools, go here .
Download and save the data file you want, then unzip it to any convenient location on your hard disk. Finally, start the database application of your choice (such as Microsoft Access) and import the tables of interest. The files are formatted as dBase IV files, and should import cleanly into most modern database systems.
Data is updated after the third Monday of each month.
This self-extracting .zip file contains an Access97 application that allows selection and display of the statewide subscription files. It includes the Supporting Files listed below, and brief instructions for its installation and use.
This file contains 3 look-up tables that remain constant, and a "readme" file with a description of the information and instructions on how to use the data files. It contains constant definitions, and needs to be downloaded only once.
  • 2003 Data
DBFACTS2003.zip (2.9 MB) dBASEIV tables
97FACTS2003.zip (3.1 MB) Access 97 database
  • 2004 Data
DBFACTS2004.zip (2.9 MB) dBASEIV tables
97FACTS2004.zip (3.2 MB) Access 97 database
  • 2005 Data
DBFACTS2005.zip (2.7 MB) dBASEIV tables
97FACTS2005.zip (3 MB) Access 97 database
  • 2006 Data
DBFACTS2006.zip (2.8 MB) dBASEIV tables
97FACTS2006.zip (3 MB) Access 97 database
  • 2007 Data
DBFACTS2007.zip (3.09 MB) dBASEIV tables
97FACTS2007.zip (3.32 MB) Access 97 database
  • 2008 Data
DBFACTS2008.zip (2.68 MB) dBASEIV tables
FACTS2008.zip (3.18 MB) Access 2003 database
  •  2009 Data
DBFACTS2009.zip (2.01 MB) dBASEIV tables
FACTS09.zip (2.39 MB) Access 2003 database
Rev. 04/20/09
Rev 05/19/09
Rev 06/15/09
Rev. 7/20/09
Rev. 08/17/09
Rev. 09/21/09
Rev. 10/19/09
Rev. 11/16/09
Rev. 12/22/09
Rev. 02/08/10
Rev. 02/08/10
Rev. 02/08/10

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