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Forest Resource Trust - Forest Establishment Program
Goals, Qualifications & Specifications
Encourage landowners to establish and maintain healthy forests on lands capable of growing forests but currently in brush, cropland, pasture or very poorly stocked (and not subject to a reforestation obligation under the Oregon Forest Practices Act). 
  • The Forest Resource Trust provides up to 100% of forest establishment and seedling protection costs. Financing includes costs for a professional forester to manage the project. Contractors are paid directly, based on the actual cost of the work completed.
  • The landowner commits to establishing a healthy “free-to-grow” forest stand and takes responsibility for seeing that the work gets done.
  • The stewardship forester provides technical assistance on how to complete the reforestation project and is available to provide direction with respect to the landowner’s project management responsibility. 
  • If profits are made by harvesting timber from the forests created with trust monies, participating landowners repay the loan amount to the Trust plus four percent simple interest. Payments apply to principal first.
  • Eligible underproducing land must be at least 10 contiguous acres, zoned for forest or farm use, and privately or local government owned.  Family forest landowners of no more than 5,000 acres of medium-to-high site Oregon forestland or less than 15,000 acres of low site Oregon forestland are especially encouraged to apply.
  • If the project area experiences a catastrophic loss or suffers financial impacts from new regulations, the Trust provides risk protection to the landowner. Loan repayment obligations will be reduced, or your forest will be restored to pre-loss conditions at no cost to the landowner.
  • In exchange for the favorable financing, landowners assign the rights to the carbon dioxide emission offset benefits to the Trust.

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